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  1. Gloss Black powdercoat OEM Lariat wheels looks fantastic!

    Gloss Black powdercoated OEM Lariat wheels look fantastic! I hated the stock grey of the OEM Lariat wheels. Gloss black powdercoat is tougher and looks great in pictures, even better in person. Just had them mounted to brand new Michelin Defender LTX Platinum LT265/60R20s. *Very* quiet and...
  2. ICON Lightning lowering suspension towing/payload update

    All, just heard back from ICON (after 3 short months) that with the ICON suspension kit, the payload (1,000lbs) and towing (10,000lbs) are unchanged. Good news!
  3. Powdercoated my stock Lariat wheels gloss black

    Gents.... look what I have! Had my stock Lariat wheels powdercoated gloss black, because I've always thought the OEM gray looked...not great. These look *amazing*, can't wait to get them on.
  4. Anyone planning to grab the Icon lowering kit?

    Anyone thinking about grabbing it? Is very expensive and untested, but looks like it could be a pretty good performance piece. Wondering if anyone has purchased it already, installed it, or waiting for it to arrive?
  5. HOW TO DIY -- level / lower rear suspension on Ford Lightning using Belltech 25001

    All, just did this project. Makes a HUGE difference. Pics don't do it justice. The truck just looks right now. I put together a how-to for others who might be interested. Cheers...
  6. Cool mod for VenomRex VR-601 wheels

    FYI, OEM Ford center caps perfectly fit the centercaps of VenomRex VR601 wheels. It requires a bit of modification because you have to remove the original backing. I used the heat gun and a plastic trim tool, and the metal FORD plate comes off. Be careful, go slow. I then used a few...