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  1. Android text message chime too loud

    I can't find an easy way to lower the volume (or preferably silence) the incoming text message notification chime volume when my android phone is connected. I have tried turning the knob on the screen when the chime sounds but that does not work, and I have the sound for notifications on the...
  2. 12 volt warning in cold while plugged in

    After a long drive yesterday, overnight (at 30f) I got a warning that the LVB was low and I needed to plug in to a charger. However, I was plugged in, but the HVB was done charging. The LVB seemed okay this afternoon, but I still bought a Schumacher 12v battery charger (trickle 2amp to 6amp...
  3. Preconditioning for DC Fast Charging

    I may have missed this in the many threads on preconditioning, but with preconditioning for DC fast charging apparently now being triggered by setting the destination to a DC fast charger in the Ford navigation, how does one set (or change) the destination while driving (for me, input is...
  4. Where are my presets!

    Three updates in a row wiped out my radio presets! I can forgive this for a major update, but for the frunk chime, really? Maybe as it also mutes the radio? Does every update to the console SW do this?
  5. Road Damaged Tire Coverage and Replacement

    Apparently a rock on our gravel road poked a hole in a rear tread too large to be fixed. Is there any coverage of the tire by either Ford or General? Can I replace just one with 9000 miles on the truck? Are there better all season options I should look at?
  6. Extend Charging Session in Fordpass Trip Planner?

    How does one extend a public charger charging session in Fordpass Trip Planner, so that I only need one stop? It has me charging at the far point for 21min, then on return, 10min more about 30 minutes from home... Also, how to I set the trip as a roundtrip, instead of home at the final waypoint?
  7. 4.1.3 Update turned off OPD!

    Got in the truck and noticed the update. Drove out to the county road and let off the throttle for first corner and nearly ditched/rolled it due to speed! Took me to the next corner to figure out OPD had been turned off, assumed by the update as it was the only thing to happen since the last...
  8. Laser from truck causing "Laser Warning" on radar detector

    I installed my Escort 9500ix in the truck and am getting spurious "Laser Warning" on it. Continuous "Laser Warning" usually means a wiring issue, but it is not continuous and, luckily I am using the cigarette lighter port, so not a hardwire issue. Would have sucked to hardwire only to discover...
  9. PP 2 House

    Hey @Ford, although I spent three days wiring the panels and Manual Transfer Switch (MTS) to work with the truck before delivery, I had not yet tested it. Last night the power went out, and I plugged an extension cord from the 30A PP port into the generator port, turned off the mains supply to...
  10. FCSP Grommet AC Entry question

    Is there a part available that transitions from a conduit to the FCSP AC Entry Grommet? My conduit is a 1.25" diameter 12" nipple goes through the ICF wall and is screwed down to the 8" Hardiplank. Without something to bridge the gap between it, and the grommet in the back of the FCSP, the...
  11. Tilting Headrest?

    Wow, the $80k Lariat does not have tilting headrests, and with the seat back somewhat upright, the forward leaning headrest is shoving my head down. Does anyone know what ICE trim I can retrofit 4 way adjustable headrests from?
  12. Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control

    Am I wrong in wanting Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control (with speed sign recognition) to allow setting the tolerance in % of speed, and not MPH over? 5MPH over in a 50 is fine where I live. 5MPH over in a 20 (school zone) is not. 10% - 12% would cover most of my use cases. Also, the truck...
  13. Cruise Control Mode Selection

    After two drives on mixed roads (gravel, city, undivided highway, divided freeway) I am finding the binary functionality of the Cruise Control Steering Wheel Button lacking. I would like to press it to cycle through the Cruise Control Modes: Normal Cruise Control Adaptive Cruise Control...
  14. Does completing purchase online obligate dealer to sell at the online price?

    Does completing the purchase online obligate the dealer to sell you the truck at the online price?
  15. Bedrug concerns

    Even after snotty answers in multiple chats on the DualLiner website, I purchased their product. A short time later I got a backordered email (with no notice during purchase), so canceled it and I bought the BedRug instead. Having opened it in preparation of the truck coming, I have a few...
  16. List of (loose) items included with Lightning

    I am trying to get a list of items I should find in my Lariat when I pick it up. Please reply with anything I missed: 2 Key Fobs Mobile Charger (in Frunk) Trailer Backup Stickers Tailgate connector covers (in Lower Glove Box) Blank Interior Key (seat/console/spare tire in Center Console) Jack...
  17. Plan for gravel?

    My truck is on the way and I want to minimize the impact of the 2 miles of 3/4" minus gravel I drive on to get to the pavement. I have the small mudflaps ready to go on, and passed on the larger ones as I dislike the look. Would either clear coat or PPF be best to protect the lower paint, and...
  18. "ACC20 discount code isn’t available to you right now"

    Trying to purchase cover from accessories.ford.com and the ACC20 discount code is not working. Any thoughts?
  19. Loaner for warranty repairs?

    New to Ford. Does the standard warranty provide a loaner for repairs? If not, does the Ford extended warranty provide for one for a standard warranty repair?
  20. Manual Transfer Switch sizing

    With 30A working for the Lightning, does it make sense to oversize a Manual Transfer Switch (say 50A) for a future proof install? If so, what do I do for the outlet/truck connection? Reading posts about the beta state of HIS (docs at least), and the need to free-up circuits for the FCSP 100A...