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  1. Definitive Raptor Swap Wheels / Tires Tutorial (look no further)

    I grabbed a set of Raptor R wheels with the 37s on them. I had to mock it up because I was just too dang excited. Rears bolt up no issues (unless I overlooked something). Fronts have full interference with the caliper. But they appear to clear the fender at full lock by a blonde one...
  2. What folks with failed HVB modules have in common

    On charging: Did you typically charge to 80%, 90%, 60%..? Charge to 90% after it would dip below 50%. Didn't charge every day. On the average, at what SOC your pack spent most of its time before it failed? Somewhere between 50-90 How many kWh of fast charging did you have before it failed...
  3. CSP-23B57 for High Voltage Battery Notice

    Why wait? Also, research your states buyback / lemon law rules. Don't make their problem your problem.
  4. Squeaky quarter panel

    I have this same squeak, as well as one of the lower mouldings on the driver side by the rear tire. I feel like there was even another one. I try to not notice this stuff. And the fact that the headlights sit 5+mm different in each of the front fenders. Or the interior rattle from the...
  5. Right headlight issue

    My dealer would be replacing some stuff.... thats how I'd personally deal with it. DIY. Dealer. In N Out. Yuber home.
  6. Enteligent now has a DC-DC Solar EV charger for pre-order

    As long as the EV is at the location where the array is at.... And as long as the array will sit idle as long as an EV is not connected to it... And as long as you're happy with whatever level of solar irridiance might exist that day... Great product. I'll get the Solaredge DC charger... all...
  7. Trail Turn Assist?

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/515595092925644/user/1504490098 Seems like a "new" truck of unknown year. And not something done intentionally....
  8. Trail Turn Assist?

    Saw this on one of the Facebook forums. Do any of you have this feature? Or is this another Ford Software "enhancement"?
  9. Eibach shocks for Lightning is live on their website!

    No issues after 12k miles for me. Bluecruise was shitty before, and is still just as shitty after.
  10. Leveling Kit -- 2.0" vs 2.5" vs 3.0"

    If you adjust the angle of your truck, you need to adjust your headlights. Or else.... you're that asshole blinding everyone. If you can turn a screwdriver, you can adjust a headlight.
  11. CSP-23B57 for High Voltage Battery Notice

    Why would you pick it up when you could lemon law the thing? This is the dealers/Ford's problem... not yours.
  12. Is this crack around the charge port normal?

    Fuck that. Let them replace it a second time with one without a crack.
  13. Would installing a leveling kit void the warranty?

    For it to void the warranty, it would have to be deemed responsible for the failure of that component. Its pretty unlikely an aluminum spacer is going to impact anything warranty related. Get a quote at the dealer and at a shop like 4wheelparts and go with the one you feel the most comfortable...
  14. Anyone swap out tow hooks?

    I wish I had your guys disposable income to change the color of my tow hook.
  15. Question About Unlocking Charger From Truck

    No need to wait. When you grab the handle and press to unlock it, you open the switch for the reference signal that says it's safe to charge. This immediately opens the contactor on the EVSE (charger) and stops the flow of current before you even get the inkling to pull the handle from the truck.
  16. Sport Mode

    Yeah, and if you check that thread and the notice you received on the recall, you'd see that it's federally mandated to be that way.
  17. Reverse Break Assist Not Available

    Think about how much faster the infotainment system would be if we had that processor upgrade.