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  1. Hidden details

    So doing some detailing on the old Lightning and noticed the plastic isn't actual a flat texture but has a raised hex pattern! Love these little details, like the flag on the dashboard trim when the doors are opened too.
  2. Magic Dock Road trip

    So had a opportunity for a new road trip area for us Friday to Saturday to head south Alabama. My wife had business event Friday night in Montgomery, which in the past we have avoided EV travel as the options are limited. However Tesla Magic Dock opened in Prattsville, about 10 min north of...
  3. Outline emblem upgrade

    I felt the truck needed a bit of pop and just a slight node to the existing Lightning color pallet used too.
  4. Bed rack options

    I'm looking for a bed rack that will mount in the pockets and not clip inside the bed. My tonneau cover is flush and already ops on the inside of the bed. Ideal removal cross bars as I'll need to take them off easy to fold cover up.
  5. Swing out fender box

    I saw this swing out box and thought it would be a great addition to store hitch, bungee cords, ropes, cargo straps for easy access to bed stuff. It was easy to install, about 20 minutes and for the price seems like a winner. The removal of taillight wasn't hard, but the forward bracket was...
  6. 1st use of Tesla hotel charger

    Tried my new adapter out at a hotel near by with Tesla brand chargers. They had 2, in nice shape, good parking and after starting ford pass app, it started right up. I got a nice 10kw on a 74% SOC. The quality of the charger was nice too. I assume with this test run I should be able to...
  7. Mississippi black hole of fast charging.

    My daughter starts at USM in Hattiesburg this year after graduating high school. It sure seems Ike charging infrastructure is even worst in this state then Alabama. I wonder if they have a lot of anti EV laws there? I know there is options but from Tuscaloosa to Hattiesburg is very thin and...
  8. Chevy Bolts Suck

    Serious in middle of our road trip sount and so far 1st stop was clogged with 4 Bolts, 2 on 350 charges unattended. Now at 3rd and a bolt on 350 at 48 charging rate. These drivers are clueless when they could be on a slower rate.
  9. God help people who plan with built in nav

    So this I not my 1st EV, I cut my teeth with 31k miles in a 2021 SR Mach-E and did several trips and know the wonders of reduced cold weather range very well. I was carrying my Mach-E and my 2014 Ram 1500 for those years because we just need a truck for family trips and moves, the ER 2023 XLT...
  10. Pro vs XLT vs Lariat vs Platinum issues

    So up to 800 miles on my 2023 XLT ER in a month of ownership and don't miss anything from my 2021 Mach-E other the power fold mirrors. My Mach-E was frustrating on day 1 with the large screen interface, it did improve with OTA updates, but early this year became unstable and constantly locking...
  11. Surprise, i got sent a Ford Charge Station Pro?

    I ordered my ER XLT in July with price cut announcement and got it Oct 10th. Nothing in my order or info said it came with Pro station, so I actually got the portable charger. Well today this was at my garage door.
  12. Things I miss on my XLT

    Day 4 of Lightning ownership, and really enjoy it. I moved from a 2021 Mach-e and traded in my trusty 2014 Ram 1500 on my very sharp XLT Antimatter Blue Truck. A few things that seem odd to be missing to me, that were on both the MME and my Ram. 1) Power folding mirrors. Really at this price...
  13. Finance Options?

    Looks like truck is showing up in a few weeks, any recommendations or experiences with financing? I have excellent credit, currently have a Mach-e financed with Fords Options program, might do the same with the lighting.
  14. Using portable charger daily?

    I'm moving up to an XLT ER from my 2021 MME standard range in a few months. I've had the portable plugged in 24 / 7 and almost always daily charge at night the MME with 0 issues. I'm plan to stick with the same setup with the XLT, but curious if others are using the 240v portable daily with the...
  15. Adding Chrome to Lightning option?

    I'm not a big mono color truck fan, I really wish more integrated chrome was on this truck. I drove a reg range antimatter blue this weekend and can't wait for my ER to show up in it. My son and I agree a few areas need dress up. 1) Grill, needs chrome center accent, anyone do this yet? 2)...