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  1. GM’s proprietary V2H system goes on sale today

    Hopefully it crashes and burns like the @Ford Motor Company home Integration system. There is an ISO standard for this functionality! Why must the OEMs try to force their own single point of failure string inverter based systems on us...
  2. ‘24 Flash Sighted in Dealer showroom

    At Serramonte Ford in Colma, CA (10 min South of San Francisco) Shockingly there was no markup! I do think it would have been better served with the head unit from the XLT. Ask for Sebastian if you want to buy it. He was kind enough to answer all my questions. Note: I was there for a service...
  3. New Simpler Approach for HIS wiring

    In my area PG&E tested a home backup generator connection last year. The test continues in 2024. I have signed up. The way it works is a new meter is installed with a collar that acts as an intelligent transfer switch. The collar also has a connection for a floating neutral generator...
  4. Flash Monroney Sticker

    Flash Window sticker for review. Cars dot com sent me an alert. I followed it to the dealer web site to share with the assembled brain trust!
  5. Toyo EV Optimized Truck tires coming next year

    It begins… Note the truck shown in the pics: https://www.toyotires.com/open-country-at3-ev
  6. Relocate Charging Port to Passenger Side on existing and new Lightnings

    The attached picture makes it look like there is enough cable. I'm thinking this would have benefits for those who will end up using superchargers - even with the adapter.
  7. Range with Lariat Wheels/Tires on a Platinum?

    Would it then be rated at 320 miles on a 100% charge?
  8. Additional Battery Capacity by Removing Spare Wheel/Tire

    I’m hearing MY ‘24 may have additional battery capacity to better compete with the new trucks. thinking removing the spare is a logical spot.
  9. Any physics majors at Ford?

    This has to be a joke: Roof mounted battery F=ma dictates this battery will break free of most mounting hardware in a collision and send said battery in the direction of travel. Safest place to be is in the Ford vehicle that used to have a reserve battery on the roof! note: main battery is...
  10. Does NACS (Tesla) support V2H?

    Just wondering given all the discussion around the announcement yesterday. I’m hoping Ford will install the NACS connector on the ”other” side so both connectors are provided. (Yes I know some character will try to use both at the same time and fry the Truck!)
  11. Lightning featured in latest PBS NOVA documentary: Chasing Carbon Zero

    Pretty good coverage! Charging tribulations on road trip was a little silly.
  12. Convert reservation to ‘24 MY?

    I’m thinking Ford will have all the required parts available by the next model year. Any idea how to do this? Will it just roll over if I don’t pull the trigger this ’23 MY or will Ford issue a refund?
  13. Who has all the EV trucks reserved?

    I do. My keeper will probably be the first one with 400 ish mile range so I can travel Silicon Valley to/from LA without charging. Initial purchase might be one that only needs to top off once while we are having Lunch/Dinner someplace in the middle. Would sell once the longer range truck is...