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  1. Ford lost $132,000 per EV sold in first Q 2024

    Ford lost $1.3 billion in its electric vehicle department during the first quarter of 2024, which is about $132,000 per vehicle it sold. Ouch. Lessens the feeling I paid too much for my vehicle 🤷
  2. Roof rack attachment for sliding roll-up tonneau?

    I was driving through the Costco parking lot recently, and saw a nice little roof rack attachment that slid in the channel of the tonneau. I’ve got the stock spring coiled-roll up hard to installed at the factory by Ford, I’m not sure who really makes it. Is there an attachment that fits the...
  3. Where is a forum feedback?

    Trying to contact the moderators and don’t see a button. I’m probably blind, but can someone point me in the right direction?
  4. Huge Fisker Discounts

    Fisker Ocean Sport 24.9K cheapest electric vehicle today https://www.cars.com/articles/2023-fisker-ocean-cleaves-prices-now-cheaper-than-a-nissan-leaf-480132/ https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/ev-startup-fisker-slashes-prices-of-ocean-suv-amid-debt-troubles/ar-BB1kESzr
  5. FordPass no longer showing current charge

    Hello, I noticed a week or two ago there’s no longer any way to monitor my current charge session via FordPass. It just isn’t up anymore. I can monitor it via my charger app. but Fordpass no longer will show it, also charge history stopped about a week and a half ago. Any suggestions to get...
  6. Reserve your Tesla adapter

  7. Can I charge (level II) while using pro power 7.2 KW output?

    Just curious. I thought I read the vehicle (Lightning PRO) wouldn’t be able to do both simultaneously due to a single inverter, but am unable to use the correct search query to confirm. Thanks!
  8. WWII Shark Art grill?

    I’m a terrible artist, and frankly not that creative. But for some reason, I can’t help but wanting to see what some World War II shark art (WWII planes)would look like on the grill of a lightning. Any Photoshop artist out there willing to give it a shot?
  9. This Trip 2.6 mi/kWh MIA

    This may sound weird, but can anyone get 2.6 mi./kW to show up, even for a second on “this trip” It’s just one of those things that seems weird. Every other numerical value is displayed, but it just seems to skip that one for some reason. Edit: To be clear, I’m not mentioning the large...
  10. Want more than 30 Amps (pro-power) what happened to 9.6KW?

    Why just a 30 Amp outlet? I live is SW Florida. Power outages come every few hurricane seasons- and typically last a week or two on our particular grid. Particularly frustrating when you can literally look across the street (newer grid) and they may not lose power at all. At any rate- is there...
  11. Just took a 450 intersate road trip in a standard range lightning. Never again

    This truck should come with a disclaimer *not meant for interstate use. Driving at normal interstate speeds, going from 80% SOC to 20 % SOC took all of ~115 miles. Stated average of 1.7 kWh, pencil came to about 1.55 Love it around town, average between 2.7 and 2.9. but this interstate...
  12. 3 INTERMITTENT issues less than 1k miles FRUSTRATED.

    My coolant overheated (right after starting on a 73 degree day parked in the shade) Drove a few minutes all became normal. Happened once. I keep getting a sensor [front]blocked issue (same sensor every time.) once or twice a day, or every other day. Vanishes like it was never there after 30...
  13. Question about real battery capacity, charging to “100%” (notice the quotes)

    I’ve heard the owners manual recommend charging to 100%. I haven’t been able to find where it says this, but can’t find where it suggests charging to something less, either. Battery health and longevity being key, I believe it’s common knowledge that staying between 80% and 20% of a batteries...
  14. One pedal driving- mechanical question

    I just received my F150 lightning. I have a question about regenerative braking. While using it will extend the lifespan of the brake pads, and other brake components, does it do so at the expense of shorter ev motor life? EV efficiency aside, which one is less expensive when long term...
  15. Pro Floor mats?

    I just picked up my long awaited 2023 Lightning Pro last night, and need floor mats. I don't believe my truck has a back seat storage box, and all the back seat bench options I'm seeing mention custom cut for storage box. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Off topic- I love this truck...
  16. Preordered in May of 2021 still nothing

    I was able to place an order several months ago, and received a VIN (waiting for a PRO) Production was supposed to start two weeks ago. I just received an email stating that they’re sorry, have no idea when the truck will go into production, but have graciously promised to email again within 45...
  17. New guy- just ordered today. Charge Station info needed-driveway charging?

    Hello, After "reserving" a Lighting another lifetime ago ( $100 May 2021), I FINALLY received the green light from Ford that I could actually order a 2023 Lighting PRO. I just placed the order, and the dealer sent it to Ford. However, I just realized our garage is too crowded already, and my...