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  1. Towing from Minneapolis to Las Vegas

    Thanks for that detailed summary, Tom! We love to hear about the good impressions of the F-150 Lightning!
  2. Newly Designed: FordPass 5.0 App®: What to Know

    Hi F-150 Lightning owners! If you recently updated your FordPass® app, you may have noticed it looks a little different. We are pleased to share that we have rolled out a newly designed app that is easy to use and efficient to help you better manage your vehicle remotely. Here is what is new...
  3. Lightning won't start!!

    Hello! Could you privately message us with your VIN and the name and location of your Ford dealer so I can look into this no start concern? Thank you!
  4. Favorite model year and why?

    We love it, Howard! And that's a stunning F-150 Lightning!
  5. Retrax XR, Rhino Rack and 1Up Bike Racks

    Looks great, Zach! Feel free to share pictures from any future road trips.
  6. 🙋‍♂️ What Did You Do To Your Lightning Today?

    We love seeing all the added details and personalization, Todd. Your Lightning looks very sharp!
  7. Uncommanded Parking Brake Activation

    Hi there! Will you send us a message with your VIN and your local Ford dealer? I can look into things on my end.
  8. Pics of Lightning Trucks Doing Truck Things. Got Any? 📸

    You’ll love the power and versatility you can get out of the F-150 Lightning! We'd be more than happy to help with scheduling a one-on-one guided virtual tour to help get you set up for future adventures. Feel free to send us a DM if you're interested in that!
  9. Pics of Lightning Trucks Doing Truck Things. Got Any? 📸

    That's a stunning F-150 Lightning doing awesome things! Thanks for sharing, Ted.
  10. Pics of Lightning Trucks Doing Truck Things. Got Any? 📸

    That's great to see, Rick! And that's a stunning F-150 Lightning as well!
  11. Pics of Lightning Trucks Doing Truck Things. Got Any? 📸

    Wow, Doug! We love to see the F-150 Lightning taking the things you need, loading them all up, and bringing the fun along with you! Thanks for sharing!
  12. My '23 F150L XLT with Rough Country Leveling Kit on factory 22" wheels.

    Wow, Domenic! That's a beautiful F-150 Lightning! Thanks for sharing.
  13. Bluecruise tried to kill me!

    Hello there, Chris! Are you still experiencing this concern? If so, I would like to look into it on my end. Please send over a private message with your VIN and the name/location of your local Ford dealer.
  14. Powertrain malfunction on a 2023 Lariat ER. Haven't heard anything back from dealer for a week.

    Hi there! Would you send us a private message with your VIN and dealership name and location? I’d like to look into this concern on my end.  
  15. AZURE GRAY F-150 Lightning Photos & Club

    We love it, Scott! Please feel free to reach out via DM so we can help show off any features or help set your time-traveling F-150 Lightning to fit your wants and needs!
  16. 2.6" Eibach Shocks Level, 295/60R20 Recon Grappler Tires, Fuel Rebel 20x9 Wheels

    That's a stunning F-150 Lightning, Erik! Thanks for sharing!
  17. Weird Front Passenger Brake Noise (Video Link)

    Hello! Send us a private message with your VIN and current mileage. Allow me to see what I can do to assist. Thanks!
  18. Sudden momentary loss of acceleration

    Hi there. This acceleration loss concern doesn’t sound like something we want your friend to experience with their Lightning truck. Should they need further assistance, could you please have them send us a PM with their VIN and the name and location of their Ford dealer? I'd be happy to look...
  19. Odd compressor noise with Max A/C

    Hey there, Chuck! Can you please send me a PM with your VIN and dealer name/location so I can look into this A/C compressor noise concern for you? I'd be happy to see what I can do to assist! To send a private message, just click on our username and select "Start Conversation".
  20. What do you call / name your Lightning?

    We love it, Scott!