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  1. I was on a 1000 mile road trip when Supercharger access opened up

    I was headed out to Columbus, Ohio on Thursday, February 29th, when I saw the news hit. At the time, I was at an Electrify America charger in Bedford, PA. Needless to say, I was stoked. I had the A2Z adapter in the truck and was eager to try it out. In that moment, there were no further details...
  2. Three Days Left in February 🤔

    Recall that they said on the public record that Ford would be able to use Superchargers in February. To be clear, Tesla has never hit a deadline. https://electrek.co/2023/12/18/gm-ford-ev-owners-tesla-supercharger-access-february/ Anyone care to guess as to whether or not they'll pull it off...
  3. Cybertruck struggling on a dirt road

    Article calls this "off-roading", but in my world, a dirt road is very much a road. https://jalopnik.com/video-shows-tesla-cybertruck-appearing-to-struggle-with-1850978109
  4. Cybertruck bed slopes at the sides

  5. Supercharger cables are too short for the Cybertruck

    https://electrek.co/2023/09/06/cybertruck-release-candidate-spotted-supercharging-shows-why-we-need-v4/ You’re not supercharging a Cybertruck with the tailgate down, because you have to back up all the way to the supercharger for the cable to reach. The charging task is made even more difficult...
  6. DC Fast Charging a Motorcycle from the Lightning

    I am lucky to own both an F150 Lightning and a Harley Davidson Livewire motorcycle. The Harley is one of the few electric motorcycles that supports CCS DC fast charging, which is awesome for road trip adventures — the bike can charge briskly on a DC fast charger. Unfortunately, DC chargers can...
  7. TheVerge: ‘I’m out’: Ford’s F-150 Lightning price hikes are costing it customers

    https://www.theverge.com/2023/6/27/23771407/ford-f150-lightning-price-increase-cancel-order-dealer I love my Lightning Lariat ER as my daily driver, but it was that $40k price point that got me to the table in the first place.
  8. Guess-o-meter navigation update is very pessimistic

    I just completed a thousand mile road trip that I had done previously -- prior to the navigation update that was supposed to make the guess-o-meter more accurate. Before the update, sure, yeah, the guess-o-meter was pretty optimistic and I could see how it might get a new EV driver in trouble...
  9. Silverado EV rated at 450 miles by the EPA estimate

    GM throws down... https://gmauthority.com/blog/2023/05/2024-chevy-silverado-ev-work-truck-uprated-to-450-mile-range-breaking/ ...and 350kw charging.
  10. Tonneau or not to Tonneau -- any efficiency improvements ?

    Has anyone noticed efficiency improvements with a tonneau cover? What mi/KWh are you seeing on the highway cruising at 70MPH?
  11. Article: Cybertruck is now a unibody vehicle

    ”Tesla Cybertruck Went From Exoskeleton Marvel to Unibody Honda Ridgeline Competitor” https://www.autoevolution.com/news/tesla-cybertruck-went-from-exoskeleton-marvel-to-unibody-honda-ridgeline-competitor-214263.html
  12. First 1000 mile Road Trip in my Lightning Lariat ER Extended Range

    I took delivery of my F150 Lightning Lariat extended range a couple of weeks. I thought that I would share some of my travel notes. I have experience EV road tripping in various Teslas, Mini Cooper SE, Porsche Taycan, and even the HD Livewire. The charging curve of the Lightning ER is pretty...
  13. Anyone haul a motorcycle yet in the bed?

    Has anyone hauled a motorcycle in the bed with the gate down? Any impact to range?
  14. Show me your Ford Charge Station Pro installs

    I picked up my F150 Lightning last week and feel lucky that my Charge Station Pro arrives today. We already have a 40A EVSE that we've been using, shared across our other EVs, but we feel that it's time to add a second -- and an 80A EVSE makes a lot of sense. I am looking for some photographic...
  15. Installed Dualliner Bedliner

    Our F150 Lightning arrived yesterday after months of transit hold delay. We didn't waste anytime installing the Dualliner bedliner. Why the Dualliner? We very much intend to use the Lightning as a suburban truck carrying furniture, bikes, motorcycles, towing a small boat, spousal errands, etc...
  16. Anyone take delivery since production was restarted?

    I am just curious if anyone took delivery of a new Lightning since the transit hold and resumption of production.
  17. Ford Recalling 18 Lightning Vehicles After Battery Fire

    https://www.cnbc.com/2023/03/10/ford-recalls-electric-f-150-lightning-pickups.html This would appear to be good news overall given that Ford was able to narrowly identify the affected trucks. If you lucked out and got delivery right before the hold, maybe not so much. I especially like this...
  18. Delivery Limbo with no communication from Ford

    My F150 Lightning was shipped on 1/31 and is currently being held in transit. Ford's original estimate for delivery was the week of 2/6. It was then bumped to the week of 2/13. Ford announced the issue with that truck in a holding yard on 2/15. At the end of last week, the estimate was bumped...