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  1. Airstream EV Camping in Yosemite

    Great video, thank you for sharing.
  2. Air Deflector

    Purchase and Installed the new Air Deflector sold by Ford. Looks good, not happy about it been taped on. But it maybe the only solution unless you want to remove the whole front grill. Have 15000 miles on the truck and have 2 rock chips at the edge of the hood. This will hopefully protect it now.
  3. windshield wiper blades

    My OEM blade only lasted about 13 month when they started to show wear. Replaced them with RainX Expert Fit conventional blade technology and had constant squeaking from both blades. Replaced them with Emithsun Professional Blades which are very quit and perfect fit.
  4. Why would I need a mobile charger?

    I use my mobile every time I visit my grandkids, which they are about 218 miles away. Use to use the 120 plug and it would got me to 85% from 20% in about 5 days. Now I installed a NEMA 14-50 at 50 AMPS and it charges the lightning around 14 hours of charge. Have no need to use public charging...
  5. How far have we gone? Your Lightning mileage?

    One year for me, took delivery July 28,2022. Had the center big screen replaced 2 months in under warranty. It seeped going blank. The usual active air dam errors. Just had 10000 mile inspection and tires rotated. No issues so far. Looking forward to Blue Cruise 1.3 and the charging adopter for...
  6. How far have we gone? Your Lightning mileage?

    Have had my Lariat since July 2022, it has 11,658 miles. No issues with it so far. We totally love it for our needs.
  7. Success! F150 Lightning (PRO) Auto Aero Dam AND Auto Shutters -- in action.

    Does anybody have a update on this message?
  8. When are we having a New England/Northeast Lightning meetup?

    Numerous charger in the city of Amsterdam and one in the Thruway exit.
  9. When are we having a New England/Northeast Lightning meetup?

    Chicopee Mass would be a great location. I am in.