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  1. Stealthy amateur radio install

    There are a few threads on short antennas and what others have done. I believe a few have noted the size of small bolt/screw they put in when removing the antenna completely.
  2. Tesla Supercharger Adaptor

    October is as good as it gets for an order this late. You can check the number of orders and estimated shipping in the tracker in this post. Go to the beginning of that thread to see all of the history since Feb 29.
  3. Questions on Generac 6852 setup with Lightning

    @bmwhitetx is giving some good things to try. On the nest - it does sound like it is getting power from the furnace (this is standard), but not all of them do. It all depends on how it is wired. Your thermostat is telling you though that it lost power when the furnace did. When you...
  4. FordPass Update 5.0.0 -- Complete Redesign

    I wasn't part of the beta, but I know the beta has been going on for at least 8 months. They started with just a few features and added to it. I guess this is where they thought they could release. So I'm hoping they do add from here. However, in the world of app development, with the...
  5. Powertrain Malfunction/ Reduced Power

    We don't know, but you could guess possibly. One user has had 3 modules replaced. Many of us only 1. Since Ford won't disclose the problem, we are just left to guess. Don't be fooled though. They know the problem or they wouldn't be able to estimate 4%. I need to re-read that...
  6. FordPass Update 5.0.0 -- Complete Redesign

    I was curious why Ford added the exact temp and seat settings. They didn't update the SW in the truck. The truck knows, last settings or Auto for remote start, neither of which continue when you get in and press start - it defaults to your programmed settings. It doesn't make sense they...
  7. Powertrain Malfunction/ Reduced Power

    Even the Service Advisor can easily see the codes set by looking at your VIN. They get a very nice display by day on the truck comms and codes.
  8. FordPass Update 5.0.0 -- Complete Redesign

    It is NOT dog mode. Ford still shuts off after 15 or 30 minutes, at least it is not proven otherwise. I'll never trust Ford and their SW with my dogs life.
  9. Load Management for EV Charging

    I'd ask one question - do you need to charge the whole battery most every night? If not then I see no need for more than a 60 amp breaker and likely 50 would suffice for 98% of the needs. So 1 - Dump the Ford charger and buy one that you like, then 2- install it off of a breaker from the...
  10. FordPass Update 5.0.0 -- Complete Redesign

    Maybe news that updates are rolling again, however that for-up-2 update first installed back on March 18 for me and I think I was late getting that particular one.
  11. FordPass Update 5.0.0 -- Complete Redesign

    Time will only tell how quickly they show up - almost every one of my messages took 48 hours to show up on the phone. However, even though it says I have none right now, if I click the button, almost all of my old ones are there. Very nice for checking those older SW releases.
  12. FordPass Update 5.0.0 -- Complete Redesign

    I don't know which OS you use, but quite sure it is not an option for iOS - I haven't found it. So likely only for Android.
  13. FordPass Update 5.0.0 -- Complete Redesign

    We each do have our own likes. While it would be nice to have Zone lighting back, I don't miss the "charge to 100%" button which many others seem to like. I love the slider and much prefer it. Now if we could just adjust the amps.
  14. FordPass Update 5.0.0 -- Complete Redesign

    Well maybe SW update notifications are back? This from a friend of a friend.
  15. 🙋‍♂️ What Did You Do To Your Lightning Today?

    Thanks for the update, I was wondering what "upgrade" you were looking at doing. SGS and that solution is definitely doing it well. I believe you'll be very happy with something like that. I did similar, using Focal speakers and JL Audio amps. Hard to justify (but what isn't about this...
  16. FordPass Update 5.0.0 -- Complete Redesign

    Looking great so far. The speed is incredible. My PAAK still worked after upgrading (this was seen as a problem for some Android users over the last week or two). A couple of places I could offer some feedback on, but for immediate review this does seem to be a huge improvement.
  17. Questions on Generac 6852 setup with Lightning

    Don't hesitate to try your AC. The truck can power many of them as long as you add a soft start and don't still try to run the whole house at once. From my experience up to a 4 ton should be doable and even a super-efficient 5 ton. In TX in July I'd gladly turn most everything off to get...
  18. Ford tells dealers to PAUSE EV investments while it alters certification program

    Even this is Ford's problem. I don't follow the Maverick too closely, but I see quite a few on the road. If Ford would up production they would sell like hotcakes. However that doesn't bring the big profits, which is the only thing that drives them. So just wait and watch BYD get their...
  19. Ford tells dealers to PAUSE EV investments while it alters certification program

    The real problem is that there is no need for salespeople these days. You likely already know you want an EV or you don't and the salespeople will never get up to speed, because that isn't on their agenda. Dealers treat sales people as minions sitting in a seat to deal with the customer so...
  20. Priority Update-23-PU1113-UNX-DC [Connectivity]

    Hard to say on if it is over, that release is a few months old and I see you have a '23. There has been nothing for the '22's for a couple of months. I think the BC updates have them so baffled. I'm not sure we'll ever see another update.