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Search results

  1. Who has Water in Lights?

    I have water in three lights and I'm guessing I'm not alone. My plan is to have them replaced when I take care of the LVB CSP. Is anyone aware of a TSB for water in lights? Water in interior frunk light. Water in other interior frunk light. Water in right running board light.
  2. Grill Paint Chip Mitigation / Repair Suggestions

    My 2022 Platinum with fewer than 7,000 miles has a ridiculous number of paint chips on the gloss black grill and lower trim piece. The bumper and hood have just a couple paint chips combined. I get that paint chips happen but this is excessive and suggests the painted plastic isn't super...
  3. Recent Phone as a Key PAAK Update?

    Has anyone recently received the PaaK update? I received the 4.1.2 update today but still no PaaK. I'm trying to be patient but am suffering from FOMO!🥴
  4. Has Anyone who Bought a Mannequin Received a Ford Charge Station Pro?

    Thread title says it all. After dozens of phone calls since December 12 a Ford Customer Service rep told me today that I'm not eligible for a FCSP because I didn't order the vehicle. When I asked for this in writing she couldn't find any "customer facing" source but assured me it was written...