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  1. Can Charging Rivals Get Boost From Tesla?

  2. Just did my semi-annual "drop spare, air to 44psi, and wash"

    Tire had dropped a few pounds. Key access was dirty, wiped it off and ensured it didn't need to be lubed. Spare winch worked as expected. So many don't do this and then wonder a) how to lower spare, or b) why key/winch is rusted and won't work, or c) why spare has insufficient air in it.
  3. This You? Ford F-150 Lightning Crashes Into 7 Cars At Michigan Car Wash

    One pedal driving gone bad? https://www.carscoops.com/2024/04/ford-f-150-lightning-crashes-into-7-cars-at-michigan-car-wash/
  4. Michigan Front all weather mats (OEM Ford)

    Lightly used F-150 floor mats, includes all Lightnings. Driver's mat is ML3J-1613087-ABW. Passenger's mat is ML3J-1613086-ABW. These are for a carpeted floor. SE Michigan only.
  5. Michigan Sold: Ford bedmat - $150

    Fits all Lightnings, as well as 2015 - 2024 F-150s with 5.5 foot bed. Forgot to put my username next to it, but it's on my driveway... Lists for $180, sells for $150 plus shipping and tax. Very lightly used. SE Michigan only, no shipping.
  6. Latest trip (MI to VT) - with Tesla supercharging

    Just did a trip from SE Michigan to Burlington, VT with the Lightning to get some skiing in. Got back late last night, need to wash the truck later today... Summary: - Tesla SuperCharger network adds capability in some areas that don't have EA, or much other CCS charging, like Burlington, VT...
  7. How Tesla Fell To Earth

  8. My First Tesla Charge Using A2ZEV NACS Adapter

    Took a few minutes to figure out how to lock the A2ZEV adapter (see signature) on, but then fine. Confusion among the Tesla drivers, and some hate as I blocked 2 chargers.
  9. Wow, these bumpers are made of soft stuff...

    On our 5,300 mile trip out west, we drove back through Wyoming, and it was snowing. They treat the roads with a mixture of sand and gravel. Well, just washed my truck yesterday and I am missing chunks of the front bumper. Not tiny chips, but sizeable chunks. It's white underneath, so it...
  10. Charging cost - there is no "best" network / provider on a trip

    As I posted, we just took a 5,336 mile trip across ten states. Here's the EA cost at the chargers we used (before 25% discount), showing you it matters where you charge. Note that on many routes, there are no other fast charging options, including Tesla. For example, several spots have Tesla...
  11. Trip from SE Michigan to California, and back

    22 day trip. SE Michigan to California and back. 5,336 miles across 11 days of driving. To those who say you can't take an EV on a trip, you're so, so wrong. To those who say it adds a tremendous amount of time - it adds time, yes, roughly 20% overhead. How long can you go without a...
  12. Oops, did it again... 5,300+ mile, 10 states, 11 driving days

    Just returned earlier today from a 5,300+ mile trip, this time with the Lightning. I know, I know, EVs aren't good for trips... I apologize... ;) 10 states, 22 days. Driving was 11 of those days, rest was skiing and visiting family, Will post more over the next few days, but I can confirm...
  13. 2024 DC Fast Charging Speed Limited to 120kW at EA?

    Found this today. Didn't recall reading it prior, nor did a search pull it up. This would really tick me off. https://www.ford.com/support/how-tos/electric-vehicles/f-150-lightning/f-150-lightning-charging-frequently-asked-questions/ Can I charge at a 350-kilowatt (kW) charge station? Yes...
  14. Tesla to implement new idle charges when Ford, GM and other join the network

    This just in... Elon Musk announced that effective with the introduction of Ford (first company) to the Tesla Charging Network, the following idle fees will be implemented for everyone using the network: 1 to 10 minutes - $1 per minute 10 to 20 minutes - $2 per minute and you have to read a...
  15. Dual Charging Options

    I'm interested in hearing from people with WORKING dual charging setups. Not "I have two chargers on separate circuits", but "I have two chargers or a dual charger, on one circuit". I have JuiceBox 48s, and they were fine until they forced me to the new app. That broke Time Of Use, lost the...
  16. Charge Port door no longer opening energetically

    Several weeks ago, before the deep cold, I noticed the door would open about an inch, then I had to touch it to get it to spring open the rest of the way. Then it was fine, now it's back to the inch opening again. Service Manager said to give it a shot of silicone spray to see if it fixes it...
  17. National Champions!

  18. Fisker to shift to dealerships

    Direct to consumer too expensive... But, but... EV Startup Fisker Will Shift To Selling Through Dealers https://wallstreetjournal-ny.newsmemory.com/?publink=541fd6919_134d10d
  19. TurboTax Lowest Price of the Year, today only

    TurboTax Deluxe plus State, $34.99. Includes $10 gift card, net price is $34.99. Today only! I buy this every year when it goes on sale. https://amzn.to/3TFozoh
  20. 100% EV now...

    Today I sold our 2013 F-150 (51,650 miles - sold it for $25k). We are now 100% EV. Weeks before the 10 year warranty extension on the lead frame expires. I'll miss it though.