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  1. Favorite model year and why?

  2. Blue Cruise Map Update?

    There hasn't been a BC update in along while in terms of map updates. I did notice that while driving into the sun direction, BC becomes more picky and disables a ton more. I also do know seeing line marking is very important too.
  3. Powertrain Malfunction/ Reduced Power

    I had a module replaced last year in like March 2023. But 2 months ago March 1, 2024 I had powertrain malfunction alert. It was raining and I tried to toggle on BC and the IPC spooked me with plenty of alerts. Auto hold disabled, BC disabled, etc, etc. The truck showed 56% power available (the...
  4. Sound Settings for B&O

    Set fade 1-2 steps towards the rear. Sound mode: surround: Treble: +1 Midrange: Default at 0 Bass: +2 Speed comp high personal preference.
  5. Faster level 1 charging

    i looked up the Lowes link. It says $279.26 !?
  6. Faster level 1 charging

    Consider this if you have a dryer outlet nearby: https://www.amazon.com/Smart-Charging-Integration-Automatic-Real-time/dp/B0CSFJPMXL/
  7. Tesla fires whole Supercharger team [Update: Musk says supercharger growth will continue]

    also like to point out, teslas superchargers are far cheaper than anyone elses. https://electrek.co/2022/04/15/tesla-cost-deploy-superchargers-revealed-one-fifth-competition/
  8. Tesla fires whole Supercharger team [Update: Musk says supercharger growth will continue]

    I dont think you guys understand how PACKED supercharger stations get here in California. Expansion of existing location is critical. Shifting focus back to where people have them and need them makes sense especially now that theyre opened to basically everybody else pending getting their NACS...
  9. Introduction to J+ BOOSTER 2 EV Charger + Exclusive Discount

    It can do 40 Amps while fords limited to 32, 5ft longer cable, additional adapters available for sale. ip67 rating vs ip66 meaning it is "Protection against full immersion for up to 30 minutes at depths between 15 cm and 1 metre" Basically, if you charge vehicles in very wet outdoorsies area...
  10. HELP - e-Brake Warning after Forscan attempt

    You can press up or down on your steering wheel to change the view if u don’t want to see the blue box screen.
  11. Door handle "lock" button intermittently working

    Trust me the issue also exist maybe as a separate issue even without touching the backside of the handle. I use my pointer finger and I know that isn’t touching the back! I want to say that when it doesn’t work the lights don’t flash.
  12. Door handle "lock" button intermittently working

    Same problem, I wonder if its a PAAK issue or are ya'll having the problem with the keyfob too? I never tried identifying the root cause and just pressed the bottom 2 keys on the keypad on the door. This is minor issue once we get feature parity with Mach-E. Walk away door lock.
  13. I finally found my breaking issue with this truck. Don't read this unless you want to hate your truck too.

    on my mustang i installed LED switchback turn signals and that made the blinker sound hyperflash. It sounded like horse step trotting to me so i left it alone for awhile but I bet that'll really rile you up. found a video and timestamped it for you to listen lol
  14. General Grabber tires

    based on this thread: https://www.f150lightningforum.com/forum/threads/almost-time-for-new-tires-what-are-you-planning-on-getting-after-the-stock-tires-wear-out.16667/page-6 2023/2024 Lightnings are coming with these now instead of the General Grabbers...
  15. Update: F-150 Lightning Fast Charging Tesla Adapters Start Shipping TODAY Per Ford!

    your order number is ur position in line. ex: 90004328, you'd be #4328.
  16. Software Priority Update: 23-PU1024-6CH-AUD - Refined Audio

    Hmm I never had any background noise issues. I hope it resolves random CarPlay no audio though.