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  1. Warning - Safety Defect Found with Lectron NACS Adapter

    Just wanted to post this here for safety. If anyone has a Lectron CCS to NACS adapter for use at a supercharger, there is a serious safety defect which can be fatal.
  2. Broke again: Clicking noise when turning right at any speed

    Hey guys, I have perused the forum and havent found much related to this. I know about the TSB for the clicking during accel/deccel and the half shaft issue. However, I am getting a front end clicking when turning full left or right and at slow speed. Does anyone have any experience with this?
  3. Rear seat leather damage?

    Does anyone else’s seats look like this? The one portion is rough feeling with a ton of crevices inbetween the little holes.
  4. Martin Rebuilds an F-150 Lightning

    Found this neat channel of a guy rebuilding an F-150 Lightning. Something he pointed out that could be a potential problem down the road is the orientation of a clamp cutting into a coolant line. Over time, this could cause loss of coolant. He has a valid point, check out his video.
  5. EA debuts new flagship location in SFO

    This is how every EV charging station should be like 😍 https://media.electrifyamerica.com/en-us/releases/241
  6. Fordpass App down for anyone else?

    App just buffers for me and will not update.
  7. Truck Charger Memory

    Does the Lightning remember certain chargers as bad and black list them? At my job site, there is bank of chargers. There is one specific charger that AFAIK, I was the first one to have an issue with it. It was fixed and other vehicles are still able to use it without a problem. My truck...
  8. Truck Missing Boxlink Key

    Purchased back in November and my truck came with the boxlink cleats installed. However, I dont have the key. Is that factory or dealer installed?
  9. Toyo Open Country A/T EV tires released

    Toyo released an A/T tire for EVs with a low rolling resistance. It will be available in select sizes strting next month. I hope to see this tire tested soon! https://www.toyotires.com/open-country-at3-ev
  10. 2023 Tax Year Credit

    As many of you, I have purchased a Lightning in 2023. I qualify for, and should be receiving, the full $7500 tax credit. When I purchased my vehicle, I received Ford's version of Form 30D "Seller's Report for Section 30D Clean Vehicle Credit" from my dealership. I have recently reached back out...
  11. Fordpass showing incorrect charge info

    Really weird occurrence here. Fordpass app is showing done charging 2 days from now when it really is going to finish tonight based on the charge rate. Anyone else experience this?
  12. Georgia Sold: New FCSP

    Brand new FCSP. $750 shipped to lower 48. $700 if local to Metro Atlanta.
  13. Bluecruise didnt engage in normal spot

    I purchased my ER Lariat about 2 weeks ago and I am in love with it. My commute is 35 miles one way, about 95% interstate, which is fully mapped. Bluecruise has worked pretty flawlessly and immediately engages as soon as I enter the highway. Some things I noticed, it was raining on my way home...
  14. More news on the horizon

    In a tweet, Jim Farley said more ev sales news will come out this Monday. I am hopeful some news will be released regarding the supercharger network.
  15. Left Headlight sweeps during start

    Does anyone else’s headlight sweep out and then back in when you first start the vehicle? My left headlight sweeps left and then centers itself, shown here. I want to know if this is normal.
  16. Hardwire Grizzl-E Charger

    Has anyone had success hardwiring the Grizzl-E charger? It comes standard with a NEMA 14-50 plug, and their install manual states that you can hardwire it. However, the terminal lug is some weird metric size that I have a hard time finding. At this point, I am considering cutting the male end...
  17. Not really set on how the truck charges

    Soon to have a lightning and I have been scouring the internet and YT on a step by step guide for charging the lightning. I know the basics about plugging and unplugging but I have seen people talk about bricking an EA charger if you plug it in and initiate a session after, versus initiating a...
  18. Warranty Differences

    I see that the trucks come with a federally mandated 8 YR/100K mile electric components warranty. Window stickers also show a 5 YR/ 60K mile powertrain warranty. What is the difference? If an electric motor goes out past the 5/60 warranty period, how is it covered? It is technically a...