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  1. What folks with failed HVB modules have in common

    See the spreadsheet in my signature for my tracking of issues with the HV battery. Wish everyone would list their build date and mileage. Also interesting would be what you listed, especially typical maximum charge.
  2. Ford Navigation locked up

    Also see this link: https://www.f150lightningforum.com/forum/threads/no-gps-navigation-bluecruise-satellite-radio-fixed-6-20-23-bad-coax-splitter.15825/post-322212
  3. Powertrain Malfunction/ Reduced Power

    Anyone: How does State of Charge relate to Capacity? See Cell #34 in Module 4 for its low capacity, but Stae of Charge is still up close to other cells. Weird?
  4. Powertrain Malfunction/ Reduced Power

    Did you have a Powertrain Malfunction / Reduced Power situation? Any battery modules replaced?
  5. 🙋‍♂️ What Did You Do To Your Lightning Today?

    I got confused by the hood deflector darkness, where did you get this? I have had a tiny chip there within the first 1K miles!
  6. 🙋‍♂️ What Did You Do To Your Lightning Today?

    I was disappointed that my XLT 312a order did not come with the tailgate light bar (ordered 3/22), so finally have my substitute using the Lightning specific Ford Accessory part, the Putco Blade. See more details in this thread link...
  7. 🙋‍♂️ What Did You Do To Your Lightning Today?

    Nice touch, but Yelp https://www.yelp.com/biz/global-auto-shop-van-nuys#reviews shows awful reviews on Global Auto Shop https://www.globalautoshop.com/accessories/ford_f150_lightning_front_chrome_grill_accessories They have standard and premium materials for the chrome strips, about $9...

    See my install of the Putco Blade for the Lightning from Ford Accessories https://www.f150lightningforum.com/forum/threads/putco-freedom-blade-60-tailgate-light-bar-now-available.18304/post-388588
  9. Putco Freedom Blade 60" Tailgate Light Bar Now Available

    Ford Accessories - Putco Blade for Lightning (not Freedom type that is a bit fancier and pricier...not sure if that is ready for Lightning?). See description below. It says 60", but I just got it (no instructions included) and it really measures 57" which fits on flat area between tailgate and...
  10. Cybertruck Prices and Trim

    More Nantucket https://jalopnik.com/nantucket-is-already-sick-of-its-new-tesla-cybertruck-o-1851458762
  11. Static noise during phone call

    Update 4-24: with Android Auto, used phone app to switch to phone speaker (if a caller would be patient for the switch) and that worked, but kind of weak volume at max on the phone volume setting. Not sure fastest method to switch to phone speaker if not using AA. Update 5-2-24: Tried my...
  12. Powertrain Malfunction/Reduced Power

    See my signature for link to spreadsheet tracking these battery module failures. Main Thread for Powertrain Malfunction / Reduced Power is https://www.f150lightningforum.com/forum/threads/powertrain-malfunction-reduced-power.12873/ Can you report your build date on the driver's door sticker...
  13. My 2023 Lightning Lariat is getting a battery pack replacement!

    Build dates of your trucks (top of driver's door sticker)? Helps us to see the relationship to problems with factory production dates that can give others a heads up on what to lookout for. Thanks! @Fireetr73 @Vito @Freddyfresh @Airboss @CyberIllusion @davehu @ooSHAZAMoo @CVDUDE @T i h o r @B...
  14. Electrician wants to put in a Disconnect for the FCSP

    Oversizing wire on long runs keeps the Voltage drop down and then when an EVSE is limiting current, say 40A, the total kW of power is better, right? Or does Voltage matter that much?
  15. When to Charge?

    Stay under 75%, always be charging as short injection of electrons better than long uptake sessions per Dr. Dahn...see this link for the video: https://www.f150lightningforum.com/forum/threads/big-battery.19132/post-384021
  16. Big battery!

    Check out this lithium ion expert, Dr. Jeff Dahn, on his recommendation to avoid going over 75% charge for lithium ion, NMC, batteries: Try to find his charts on battery life based on maximum charge rates. It can make a big difference if you are interested in extending battery life. It...
  17. Powertrain Malfunction/ Reduced Power

    For your inclusion, see my google spreadsheet at about line 115, right after KurtsRPMgarage, who is on his third module. The spreadsheet has user names from this forum, a facebook group, and another forum. Ford predicted 4% of owners, at least for 2022 models, would be affected. So if there...
  18. Ford EV Software and Customer Service Woes

    Wow, this thread by @rugedraw showing the number of processing module updates folks are not getting is amazing or alarming: pts-fdrs-vin-check-thread.18979/ I think @Ford Motor Company needs to do much better updating our equipment and displays with the latest improvements.
  19. Powertrain Malfunction/ Reduced Power

    Another 22 bites the dust...what is the build date on the driver's door sticker? Mileage? See my spreadsheet in my signature below.
  20. Of what use is Off-Road display of steering angle, tilt or yaw?, pitch?

    I rarely go off road, except for a couple of camping spots and do not usually show the Off-Road display parameters on the right side. I finally noticed it showing how the steering angle moved in the front of the picture while I was turning but stationary. There is also the degree of tilt...