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  1. Lightning faster than Cybertruck in the sand! Dune drag race

    Locking axle vs. "locking axle coming soon!"
  2. First Lightning camping trip: 400 miles round-trip...Unmitigated success!

    A SoloStove or other "smokeless" fire pit might work for you. They aren't truly smokeless but combustion is far more complete and they are much easier to be around than wood burning on the ground. After using a SoloStove for the past three years I absolutely can't stand to be around a regular...
  3. Passenger Tailight.

    They are pretty easy to remove. It it were me I'd try reseating the connector before going to the dealership.
  4. Broke again: Clicking noise when turning right at any speed

    Maybe the wheel studs aren't fully seated? It is really strange that lug nuts would get so loose that the wheel makes noise.
  5. Questions on Generac 6852 setup with Lightning

    It sounds like power isn't getting to the furnace for some reason. A gas furnace is very low amperage. Check for voltage at the furnace when on truck power. Thinking while typing... maybe some part of the safety circuit is on another circuit which is not on the Generac panel. My knowledge in...
  6. Load Management for EV Charging

    Install the 100 amp breaker. As others have said, it will likely never trip the main breaker but if it does, derate the FCSP to 64 amps or whatever works. I have two FCSPs in different locations. One is set to 32 amps, the other is set to 64 amps.
  7. Ford Pass Update 4.37.0 -- Performance & bug fixes

    Sweet! Just updated. My truck is parked at the airport, hopefully PaaK works when I get home at midnight. YOLO!
  8. How would ACC mod affect warranty and resale value?

    Unless you sell it to another member of f150lightning.com, whoever buys your truck will not care one way or another that it has ACC or doesn't and will have no clue it was added after purchase. They might care what color it is.
  9. Broke again: Clicking noise when turning right at any speed

    I'm skeptical that undertorqued nuts are causing that noise. I don't really have a good idea what it is though. Have you tried swapping front tires? Maybe check for loose brake components while the wheels are off.
  10. Questions on Generac 6852 setup with Lightning

    Thay seems like an unusually difficult install. Is there something specific about your house that made it so difficult? Is it very old?
  11. Potential from 23'F-150 Raptor to Lightning

    ☝️ This
  12. Engineers - Possible that Side-Steps Improve Aero/Range?

    It's plausible but ICE steps look the same as ours and models without steps have the same EPA range rating. That suggests little to no efficiency effect.
  13. Lightning won't start!!

    Check that the LVB cables are torqued. That's probably not the issue but worth the time to check.
  14. Tonneau cover reducing range?

    You almost certainly had a tailwind when you experienced the higher range on the highway.
  15. Fordpass update issue

    I don't have an answer for you but the advice you received from Ford "Customer Service" seems wrong. I suggest continuing to find a solution on your own or starting a new thread laying out your concerns. A photo or two might help others understand what the issue is.
  16. Brake Job -- Anyone?

    I didn't measure the pads but they looked new when I did a tire rotation at about 20,000 miles. No ridges on the rotors either.
  17. Squirrelly Steering Near Max Payload

    When the local cider mill has cider they can't sell they call the local homebrew club, of which I'm a member. I pick up as much as I can and distribute it to other members. We let it sit in our basements for extended periods of time and it becomes better. Win, win! I always thought I was...
  18. BlueCruise never engaging

    I think it's more simple than that. A lot of people just aren't very good at their jobs.
  19. BlueCruise never engaging

    Well done! Your story doesn't give me warm feelings about dealerships but at least it's fixed.
  20. F150 Lightning FORscan thread

    Surround view definitely isn't available. I'll have to look at it to see exactly which cameras are available. From memory I believe tailgate, bed, and front cameras are always available.