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Search results

  1. Lariat Sport Wheel scuff repair

    After less than an hour behind the wheel she managed to break it in for me. Wondering if anybody knows paint code for the sport package wheels, and if you have any tips on repair process here. Both local dealerships wont (can't) repair this and referred me to a couple local wheel repair...
  2. Ford Accessories Tonneau - VML3Z 99501A42 B. Does this have new type seal to work with power tail?

    Can anybody confirm this new tonneau p/n has the new design end seal that works with the power tailgate? I.e. tailgate closes and forces tonneau to seal up against it automatically. (This is essentially the Bakflip MX4 rebranded by REV). I carried over my 2018 tonneau and the lipseal catches the...
  3. Faulty speaker - How to remove B&O Door Speaker Grille?

    Think I have a damaged speaker in drivers side door. With heavy bass the speaker sounds like it is popping/cracking. When I push in on the grille it goes away. Need to pop off grille cover and inspect. Has anybody removed the covers yet? Hoping they can snap out I don't need to pull door panel off.
  4. Hard Folding Tonneau Cover fitment

    Anybody know if the 'Ford Custom Accessories' type(essentially the Bakflip Mx4) 6.5' Hard Folding Tonneau from a 2018 will fit the 2021 6.5' bed?