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  1. Electrical issues after towing in rain

    Blow the connectors out with compressed air and put some dielectric grease on both connections.
  2. FordPass Update 5.0.0 -- Complete Redesign

    I received the updated app, but the main screen would not let me select any menu items. Relaoded the app and now the only thing I see is the welcome page. Won't let me leave that page??? When I look at my account on my laptop, says the charge level is 99%. It is actually 90.
  3. Squirrelly Steering Near Max Payload

    Those onboard scales are crying red.
  4. Ignorant Sales people amaze me

    I expect the sales person to be less knowledgeable than me, at most dealers. The Ford salesperson that I deal with has been at the same dealership for 37years. Very pleasant and knowledgeable. Not such a good experience with other brands salespeople. Seems like sales people are in and out every...
  5. Incentives on a 2022?

    I would suggest calling Ford Marketing ( 800 334 4375). They can tell you about any incentive available. Also ask them if you have a personal cash offer.
  6. Ford private offers up to $2,500 now ?

    They sent that to you to encourage you to purchase another Ford. I always call their customer service number prior to any Ford purchase to see if there is a PCO. Son just bought an ICE F 150. The dealer I purchase from was the only dealer who told him he had a $3,000 PCO
  7. Fair Price on Used Lariat Trims (2022 & 2023)

    I would enter the vin in Carvana, or similar service, and watch your eyes pop when you see their offer, if they give you one. You can use that price to further negotiate with the selling dealer.
  8. Horrible Cup holders?

    My Yeti Ramblers fit pretty well. They were gifts so I use them. My favorite is the Ozark tumbler that Walmart sells for around $9. That container fits perfectly
  9. First trailer towing experience

    Delete. OP found departure time
  10. OEM Hankook tires

    I know some OEM tire warranties are different from retail purchase warranties. You can google Original Equipment Hankook Tire Warranty and a five page document will appear. If you can figure out what the warranty is after reading that document, you are a better man than me.
  11. Stolen and Barbecued Lightning

    I remember reading his thread. From what I recall, he bought the Lightning to make YouTube content, but he did not get as many views as he thought. He put the Lightning up for sale and it sat unsold for some time. He then announced it was stolen and burned. This is the internet so some people...
  12. Still haven't received software update for Tesla Superchargers

    Received my Tesla update last night. 2022 Pro SR, build week July 11,2022. Adapter anticipated to be delivered in July.
  13. 10 days to fix battery monitor sensor - CSP23B70

    Mine was replaced using mobile service. Does your dealer offer mobile service?
  14. Feeling a bit screwed over by Ford...

    If your truck was in the shop 45 days, maybe you can look into a lemon law buyback and take advantage of the lower pricing to get an ER
  15. Worse Case Scenario: Ford wrecked my 2022 F-150 Lightning during a 20k miles service, forgot to install lug nuts

    Accidents happen. Very unfortunate for you, but they happen. You are entitled to be put in the same position you were before the accident. I would let the Ford dealer fix your truck. Have them provide a loaner. Come up with a reasonable amount for diminished value. Who gave you the idea to...
  16. Bedrug concerns

    If you do not have a tonneau cover the bed rug will get as dirty as any truck bed without a cover. I went with the XLT Bed Mat which is the bed rug for the bed floor and tail gate. Easy to install and easy to remove. I did not see a need to cover the sides.
  17. CSP-23B70 Certain 2022-23 F-150 Lightnings - BMS Sensor Replacement

    Thanks. Button is working now. Figured out the front button was not working because the Tech must have locked one of the doors. Hit the unlock and the frunk released worked
  18. CSP-23B70 Certain 2022-23 F-150 Lightnings - BMS Sensor Replacement

    I was reading an old thread about a frunk button not working, and I actually made a post reminding that poster that all the doors need to be unlocked for the button to work. I went out and unlocked the truck with the key fob and now the frunk button is working. I always keep my truck unlocked...
  19. CSP-23B70 Certain 2022-23 F-150 Lightnings - BMS Sensor Replacement

    Does not work to open or close the frunk. The first step I did was to close it manually. Would not open or close with the button on the grille. Tried a few other things, but nothing. Button in truck and on key fob work fine. Technician had code scanner and he said not codes were thrown.