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  1. Lowering drag coefficient by 14.8%?

    Hey everybody, MotorTrend's final installment in the AeroX saga is now live at: https://www.motortrend.com/reviews/2023-ford-f-150-lightning-xlt-yearlong-review-update-9-aerodynamics/ Sadly, neither MotorTrend's road-trip-range testing, nor a drive from Detroit to Memphis and back were able to...
  2. Running the Battery to 0%

    That would be an interesting thing to try. We'd need some adapter to plug any 240V home charging cable into the 240V outlet in the lightning though (that's a plus on the Cybertruck, which gets a NEMA 14-50 plug in the bed).
  3. How the Lightning Stacks Up Against the 2-Motor Cybertruck and Rivian R1T

    At launch, Elon Musk limited the outlets he allowed to test his Cybertruck to a tiny handful of friendly "influencers." Now MotorTrend has finally managed to rent one and pitch it against the Rivian R1T Dual Motor and a Lightning Platinum, and my prose in this comparison aim to provide a more...
  4. Running the Battery to 0%

    Recommendation: Don't do it. Most people never do. But with our charging infrastructure the way it is, it's entirely conceivable that you could be on a trip, run across dead chargers, and then run out of juice before you can reach the next nearest one. MotorTrend runs every long-term EV...
  5. What SOC level does the Lightning start limiting throttle?

    I just took the MotorTrend yearlong test truck to 0% battery and documented the various messages along the way. Story is here: https://www.motortrend.com/reviews/2023-ford-f-150-lightning-xlt-yearlong-review-update-8/
  6. Lowering drag coefficient by 14.8%?

    I just submitted the next installment for publication. Can't spill the beans here just yet, but I saw evidence it is flowing through our editorial process now, so probably posting in a day or so? Stand by!
  7. Lowering drag coefficient by 14.8%?

    Our first installment just published this afternoon. Click the link for lots of photos. Future installments with test results and some CFD analysis are coming in the next few weeks. https://www.motortrend.com/reviews/2023-ford-f-150-lightning-xlt-yearlong-review-update-6/
  8. Using 240V Outlet to Weld?

    That is SO cool, and so much more important to be able to fold a rack like that down when not in use on an electric truck than on an ICE one. Replicating it is WAY beyond my capabilities, but would you mind if I shared a picture with my audience at motortrend.com when the time comes?
  9. Using 240V Outlet to Weld?

    I like that idea too. Maybe I'll poke around online and see if there are any DIY bed rack plans. Of course, now we have an AeroX cap on the bed, so I won't be able to do that for a while...
  10. Using 240V Outlet to Weld?

    Thanks for the offer! Let me see if anyone else has plans for any other things. That actually might exceed my welding abilities anyway, meager as they are... I may just end up doing some light repair of a few broken metal things, and then mentioning that forum members had made some really cool...
  11. Lowering drag coefficient by 14.8%?

    Hmm. Interesting thought, though I'd only attempt that if the kit included air bags that could also raise it up to stock or above. Wouldn't want to compromise functionality. I may check them out though. Thanks!
  12. Using 240V Outlet to Weld?

    That load-extender looks super cool, and potentially weldable via ProPower Onboard. You have any plans for it that you could share?
  13. Lowering drag coefficient by 14.8%?

    Oh, they’re definitely taking it back when we are done. And I don’t have shots of it open yet. Will add when it comes back.
  14. Lowering drag coefficient by 14.8%?

    They've been producing them for the 2015-2020 F-150 for a while, but the 2021 and newer box/cab is different enough that MVS had to prototype this one. No results yet, but we'll run our full battery of range tests eventually. Note that this design was originally intended strictly for looks. Not...
  15. Using 240V Outlet to Weld?

    I believe the outlet can support a simple small 240V welding device, and I'd love to demonstrate this by welding up some device that might be useful on my Lightning. Any makers out there ever welded up any useful accessories for your truck? A load divider maybe? Something that engages the...
  16. Lowering drag coefficient by 14.8%?

    I'm not sure if anybody's still monitoring this thread, but I'm an editor at MotorTrend chaperoning a long-term Lightning test vehicle for a year. I watched Wouter Remmerie's video (touting the potential 14.8% improvement that might come from smoothing airflow from the back of the bed to the...