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Search results

  1. It cost me 18.47 times as much to fuel my old truck. This is AMAZING... :o

    Simple math: Gas means > 40 cents per mile. Electricity means 2 cents per mile.
  2. I need info on home charging

    30A breaker for 24A charger adds 5.5 kWh per hour for 10-12 miles and 12 hours to charge 20-80%. If you have a reliable EA around it is fine. Otherwise, consider a 60A breaker 48A charger which reduce charge time to be half.
  3. Powertrain Malfunction/Reduced Power Poll

    If this number is for engine/transmission failure with replacement/rebuild, it would be shocking. I hope Ford already has a solution.
  4. Powertrain Malfunction/Reduced Power Poll

    80 trucks with bad module is not good.
  5. Out of Spec EV range test - Lightning/Cybertruck/R1T/Silverado

    So what is the summary and miles/kWh?
  6. Powertrain Malfunction/ Reduced Power

    It sounds more like software issue triggered by the charger rather than the real error. Of course this is only my guess, but unless Lightning is using very different battery modules, MME has much less issues to my knowledge. Hope Ford can fix all the issue soon.
  7. My 2023 Lightning Lariat is getting a battery pack replacement!

    If anything can make you feel better, you can buy another Lightning and claim $7500 again.
  8. My 2023 Lightning Lariat is getting a battery pack replacement!

    This is rediculous. How many miles did you drive? Offer them at most half of that. BTW, will they buy back at your purchase price?
  9. Tesla to J1772 Adapter

    If I were you, I would try 80A and wait for a while, then check every 10min. The first sign of overloading the adapter is the heat. It should warm up if the contact is not capable to handle 80A current.. My guess is it should work fine. The manufacturer of the adapter had no chance to test 80A...
  10. GMC Sierra Denali EV on the Way?

    I also got a phone call. But, unless I can get one for $60k, I will pass and get my $100 back.
  11. saw my first cybertruck

    Air suspension and steer by wire are really cool. But bed volume with CT is small. It is just a little longer.
  12. Powertrain Malfunction/Reduced Power Poll

    No matter how, the battery failure rate is higher than new cars with engine or transmission failure, no need to mention engine + transmission. Hope Ford can solve the problem and make battery last much longer which should.
  13. saw my first cybertruck

    Much smaller frunk, compact cabin, smaller bed (only 5 inches longer). If Lightning bed is 6 feet it would be perfect.
  14. saw my first cybertruck

    My first impression of CT is also ugly but now I changed my mind. I still prefer Lightning for its size, frunk, cabin and bed. But CT is very cool, expecially its bullet proof stainless outside. If it has the size as F150 and a larger battery, I could pick it over Lightning.
  15. Jumping

    I would get a AC battery charger in the frunk. It takes a little while to charge the battery but it should work if the portable charger/jumper fails your friend.
  16. Tesla.com now shows ALL the NACS charging sites.

    Price is about 5-6 cents higher than Tesla owners, but, still lower than EA and other vendors. This at least around Sacramento area.
  17. Jump on 2023 platinum?

    You can get a Lariat ER for $60k, $80k for Platinum is not so great.
  18. Lightning is not selling well at my local dealer

    Today is 2/28, still 37 listing, huge discount won't move them.