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  1. Pennsylvania WTB RUNNING BOARDS

    Looking to get a set of running boards for my PRO. Anyone have any takeoffs they would like to sell? I am in Southcentral PA

    I know the 240V bed outlet can be used for vehicle to vehicle charging, but what else can it be used for. I do not have anything to plug into a 240V outlet. How do you intend to take advantage of this outlet?
  3. Ford Mobile Charger

    Since I am getting the SR battery, I am planning on having an electrician install the wiring for the Ford Mobile Charger. Was debating about getting the Ford Connected Charger, but decided on the Mobile Charger. Fellow was out to measure today and it is a 70' run to the garage. Just need the...

    Saw the thread about an XLT SR scheduled for production. Logged into my account, my PRO is scheduled for May 30.!!!!!!!
  5. Lightning JOB 2 SCHEDULING starts week of 3/21/22

    I also look at the Bronco Forums, which seem to keep up to date on product scheduling. I saw this chart today. Hopefully the F150 Job 2 scheduling for March 21 is the Lightning.
  6. Lightning Owner's Manual when?

    Ok, so I am one of those guys that likes to read the owner's manual. Seems like you can always find some info that the salesmen are not even aware of. Since I am new to EVs I do not want to wait until I take delivery to start reading. Someone with my limited intelligence needs time for info to...
  7. INPUT ON LIGHTNING ORDER - Fallback if no Pro available?

    Dealer informed me I am number one in line. I am hoping to get a Pro with Max Tow. So for the people interested in the Pro, what is your ideal Pro order and what is your fall back order if you cannot get a Pro. I really don't want to pay $70k plus for an XLT with an extended range battery. I am...