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  1. How the Lightning Stacks Up Against the 2-Motor Cybertruck and Rivian R1T

    At launch, Elon Musk limited the outlets he allowed to test his Cybertruck to a tiny handful of friendly "influencers." Now MotorTrend has finally managed to rent one and pitch it against the Rivian R1T Dual Motor and a Lightning Platinum, and my prose in this comparison aim to provide a more...
  2. Running the Battery to 0%

    Recommendation: Don't do it. Most people never do. But with our charging infrastructure the way it is, it's entirely conceivable that you could be on a trip, run across dead chargers, and then run out of juice before you can reach the next nearest one. MotorTrend runs every long-term EV...
  3. Using 240V Outlet to Weld?

    I believe the outlet can support a simple small 240V welding device, and I'd love to demonstrate this by welding up some device that might be useful on my Lightning. Any makers out there ever welded up any useful accessories for your truck? A load divider maybe? Something that engages the...