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  1. California Lectron Vortex NACS CCS Tesla Supercharger adapter for sale - local pickup only for members

    For sale: Lectron Vortex NACS-CCS adapter for Tesla Superchargers. This one was corrected after the NHTSA recall with the correct locking pin. Received 12 weeks after ordering. New in Box - never used. Don't hate the price, but it's a demand item in scarce supply that I waited for 3...
  2. How upside down is everyone and how do you feel about it?

    If I were you and worried about it, I'd consider creating a business and making the truck part of your business expenses. That way, you would shield yourself personally from liability to some degree, have deductible business costs, and use the mileage for tax credits.
  3. Blue Cruise Map Update?

    I noticed that BC will sometimes have me take over areas that in the past were not. Then other areas will be fine where it had me take over in the past. Could it be caused by the different speeds, traffic load, or the way the cameras see light / shadows created during the day?
  4. Never trust the dashboard, EPA and Ford.

    I guess I have bone to pick with Ford - I got 10% - 25% more miles than the EPA sticker! That's because: warm climate year around, urban traffic, low speeds under 40MPH, no climate controls, and nothing in the truck to weigh it down. Should I file a complaint ?
  5. Charging prices at Tesla chargers using NACS adapter?

    That's why I dumped EA and EVgo which I used to charge at for the past 2 years. $12.99 Tesla membership is well worth the monthly if you charge at least 2x a month. I charge at least 4-5x a month.
  6. Charging prices at Tesla chargers using NACS adapter?

    yes, I know but when the EA chargers are full, I have to go about 1/2 mile up the road to get to the EVGo chargers located at the largest thermometer. Rather go to Tesla as they have tons of reliable chargers.
  7. A2Z Tesla and Charge Fault

    Better check your email. Ford is now pushing back deliveries a month...
  8. Charging prices at Tesla chargers using NACS adapter?

    Because that Tesla Mega Supercharger location has a mix of V2 and V3, they won't open for us to prevent confusion. I was bummed too!
  9. Ford Adapter Delayed; Glad I got an A2Z

    Same - ordered both but got the A2Z and it's been a dream for a month now. May - June bump too.
  10. DCFC station cost

    Wow, that's pricey even for So Calif rates. My home cost is $0.63 / kWh ( peak hours). Tesla Supercharger is $0.34 / kWh (peak hours).
  11. Charging prices at Tesla chargers using NACS adapter?

    Wow, your home electricity and Tesla charging prices are quite nice! My home electricity is $0.63/kWh during peak times (not including transmission / fees) when I need to charge. So I plan on charging at Tesla SC every week so 4 times a week which pays off the membership and then the discount...
  12. Charging prices at Tesla chargers using NACS adapter?

    That detail I did not know about. So far on road trips, it's been 1 Supercharger per day at most.
  13. Ford NACS adaptor case

    Wonder if my A2Z case will fit BOTH the Ford and A2Z adapters ??? Didn't want to carry 2 cases.
  14. A2Z Tesla and Charge Fault

    Yes, only if you have Tesla membership. If you don't, then just plug and charge. I have a Tesla membership and saves me $0.15-$0.23 per kWh over the regular non member rate. Just 2 charges a month and it pays for the $12.99 monthly membership. Takes a few more seconds using the Tesla app...
  15. Charging prices at Tesla chargers using NACS adapter?

    Some Tesla SC are fixed all day; others vary by time of day. I found out on my road trip that more remote, local Tesla SC are fixed prices (lower with membership). My local Tesla SC I charge once a week varies during the day while the most expensive is after 4pm. I currently use the A2Z...
  16. Ford NACS to CCS adaptor lock

    Reminds me of the Paris France taxi drivers who would park their EV taxis along the curb and plug in their L2 chargers while locking it with a chain around the EV post to keep people from stealing them. They would return some hours later to start driving again - so funny I thought...
  17. Anyone need a NACS adapter?

    Access to Tesla SC is a game changer for me as I dreaded the thought of going from CA to AZ and facing the few EA chargers in Quartzsite, AZ. Now I can confidently road trip almost anywhere thanks to the Tesla SC network.
  18. Anyone need a NACS adapter?

    Have you received a Lectron shipping notice ? I still keep getting canned messages - 5 weeks after ordering.
  19. Tesla Charging Prices - Not excited as others

    Um my L2 installation was $200 (parts & wires) plus case of beer (labor) for my master electrician EV certified buddy.