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  1. Moisture in frunk light

    Just seeing this thread. Yep, we too have seen this water issue off and on for quite a while too in one of our two frunk lights. Going to talk to the Dealer when we take it in for the 10K checkup in the next month or so.
  2. Cover for Frunk Emergency Release Button

    For what it's worth, I found the link to the STL file on Thingiverse here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5445669 Enjoy! Edit: Typo
  3. F150 Lightning Extended Warranty from Ford Protect at $50 Over Cost!

    Thanks for this! Brooke was fantastic, answered all my crazy questions, and made it a very simple process to pick up ESP. Kudos to Granger and to Brooke for the great job they're doing with ESP!
  4. ✅ 5/16 Lightning Build Week Group

    Let us know if you hear or figure out what the "plant hold" means... Good luck!
  5. Is $9,400 Sunrun Home Integration System worthless if you sell your truck? or can it be re-purposed?

    Yep, the newly updated HIS component E4_BDI lists a 4kW Max AC power while on Grid ... though while in battery backup (truck connected off-grid) mode would have the 9600W available. It is unclear why they would shift to the lesser on-grid inverter component. Check this thread and the...
  6. Is $9,400 Sunrun Home Integration System worthless if you sell your truck? or can it be re-purposed?

    Poll Option 3.5: Would love to be able to take advantage of the capability but won't/can't use the HIS due to lack of compatibility with existing home solar installation (or something similar) Maybe it will work out someday, just not out of the gate with the Ford/Delta HIS hardware available...
  7. Home Integration System (Delta/Ford via AEE Express) Component Change?

    I'm pretty sure that's exactly what I was saying. That was the document I was referencing. I guess if you have a mixed system with micro inverters and non-inverter panels you might be able to get by with the E4 / 4kW from your panels. I was just surprised by the fact that they had originally...
  8. Home Integration System (Delta/Ford via AEE Express) Component Change?

    I noticed today that there was a change to the specs being reported on the AEE Express web page for the Ford H.I.S. that indicates Ford/Delta/Sunrun/AEE are switching from the E10_BDI model to the E4_BDI part number for the inverter component of the H.I.S. (Source below.) Check out the...
  9. ✅ 5/16 Lightning Build Week Group

    You may want/need to clear your cache for the FordPass app ... I did that and it started showing new menus and the Activate button. Though, if you press Activate and it somehow gets activated by someone in the truck, your 30-day trials will start without you! I think the modules are...
  10. Lightning EA Charging for EV Dummies

    Definitely agree with this sentiment. Do your fellow EV drivers a favor and log those good charges too! Great point.
  11. Lightning EA Charging for EV Dummies

    Some more thoughts and recommendations for you... Check for recent Plugshare check-ins and view any reports for the stations you plan to visit in advance to make sure they are still working (more important where there is only one or two EVSE at a site) and plan accordingly. Something else to...
  12. F-150 Lightning Intelligent Backup Power: 15 questions answered by Ford

    Tom actually mentions quite a bit about the Charge Station Pro specs throughout his video. The new charger (similar to the 48A charger) can be set to be used with as low as a 20A 240V breaker (instead of the default 100A). It is probably safe to assume it is a hardware limit setting, however...
  13. F-150 Lightning Intelligent Backup Power: 15 questions answered by Ford

    RE: SAE J1772 & CCS I tend to think perhaps Ford may still be figuring out their connector standards/definitions somewhat. Why do I think this? In the leaked 146-page eSourcebook (information for dealers) it indicates incorrectly in multiple places on pages 15 and 17 that the SAE J1772 (USA)...
  14. F-150 Lightning Intelligent Backup Power: 15 questions answered by Ford

    Hi Tom! As usual, great video! I dropped some additional questions about Sunrun and their Home Integration System in the comments. Hopefully we can eventually get some more details on the integration kit and whether or not it will be compatible with any existing home solar installations. We...
  15. F-150 Lightning eSourceBook – 146 Pages of Info!

    I don't remember where I saw it last, but read that the Max Tow package includes additional cooling/components for the motors/batteries which obviously generate more heat for heavy towing.
  16. Updated Ford Intelligent Backup Power page (no longer) details 320-Amp Home Service o_O

    The 320 amp requirement (for what it is) only appears to apply to the Intelligent Backup Power with Home Integration configuration. So that said, if you're only ever planning on charging (and no home backup), as long as you have sufficient available (pending home load analysis) capacity and...
  17. Updated Ford Intelligent Backup Power page (no longer) details 320-Amp Home Service o_O

    [EDIT: As of 1/26/2022 the Ford website no longer indicates the requirement for 320-amp service, but recommends you consult an electrician for home requirements instead! This is much more reasonable.] Based on recent updates to the Intelligent Backup page...
  18. List: F-150 Lightning dealers that do / don't apply ADM (price markup)

    We can add Germain Ford in Columbus, Ohio as a dealer with No ADM! Standard (non X-plan) $250 Ohio doc fee, but that probably goes without saying.
  19. Ford Launches F-150 Lightning 3D Augmented Reality Experience

    There are Android QR code readers in the Google Play store that you can use to read newer QR's, bar codes, etc. that the camera app itself doesn't scan. There are many such apps to choose from. The Alternate Reality presentation is not an app of its own, it uses the device's browser and native...
  20. Finding EV Charging Locations

    For us, that's not unreasonable considering we do pay $0.125/kWh at home. It may feel worse for others. Depending on the charging location, it is a service after all. While free is great (and free stations are fewer and further between), we should expect to pay something for power. They...