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  1. Tax credit for EV charger install

    Are you certain it’s only the “approved” chargers that qualify for the $1500? The way I read it, that “approved charger” list is only for the $0.02/kWh off peak discount.
  2. New Jersey

    Looks like there were a couple options via a quick google search. All seem to mount to the tow hooks. These appear to be higher quality @ $99...
  3. New Jersey

    It seems there was a bill in the state house last month that was trying to eliminate it but I really didn't get a sense from the article if it was likely to pass and when. I would hate to drill the bumper only to have it not be required just a couple months later.
  4. ✅ 8/8 Lightning Build Week Group

    Was the same for me and then it showed up at the dealer without me expecting it (or moving to shipped). Did you reach out to them on Ford.com for a status update?
  5. New Jersey

    Has anyone found a good front plate "relocation" bracket? Not looking to drill the bumper and prefer to avoid a ticket if possible. :)
  6. New Jersey

    it seems you are correct on the NJ credit. Like the EV credit itself, almost nothing actually qualifies. on the other hand, thePSE&G credit doesn’t seem as restrictive. It seems to me that the “eligible charger” list is for the $0.02/kWh discount during off peak hours. It doesn’t seem to...
  7. New Jersey

    A couple things: 1. Anybody look into the EV Charger Tax Credits? Looks like there is $1750 up for grabs in my area if I am reading this correctly. -Looks like the state offers $250 credit when you purchase a level 2 EV charger. It seems to be you need to provide proof of purchase. Do you know...
  8. ✅ 8/8 Lightning Build Week Group

    Since we have a bunch of people in the NJ / NY area on this thread I figured I’d ask if anyone knows a good shop for PPF? the quotes I got were around $3k for the front and $7k for the full truck. Seems expensive to me. Hoping I can find a lower price and still get quality work.
  9. New to PPF and Ceramic Coatings

    I have heard others say it should be $1800 for front end and $5000 for full wrap but wonder if those prices are regional. Heck I would travel a bit to save $2k
  10. New to PPF and Ceramic Coatings

    I’m new to PPF and Ceramic Coatings. I’ve never even considered it before but want this truck to last a LONG time and LOVE the matte look. I called around to a couple Xpel installers in northern NJ and was SHOCKED at quotes around $3000 for the front only (clear of course) and $7000 for the...
  11. Iced Blue Silver Lightning Build. Mods: PPF matte finish, Line-X, gloss black painted grille, black wrapped roof, wheels

    Maybe I was a little too harsh in my initial comment .I guess I’m new to the PPF concept and I was shocked at how expensive the quotes I got were! I called around to several Installers and they were all in the same ballpark. Is $7k a normal price for this? From those who are more familiar, is...
  12. Iced Blue Silver Lightning Build. Mods: PPF matte finish, Line-X, gloss black painted grille, black wrapped roof, wheels

    I just called around to multiple Xpel and 3M installers in Northern NJ. All wanted around $7000 for the full truck and $3000 for the front only. How is that worth it!? I could have them touch up the Truck annually @ $300/yr and it would take me 10 years to break even. Am I thinking about this...
  13. Child Car Seat Protection

    I am looking for the same thing!! I have used the Lusso ones on my last truck. I still got some deformation but much better than nothing. I was looking for an even better alternative.
  14. ✅ 8/8 Lightning Build Week Group

    I don't know if I got used to it or it "broke in" but after about 300 miles in the Lightning 1-pedal driving seems less harsh than it did at first. Only drove a Tesla once so I really don't have a reference point there.
  15. Tax credit for EV charger install

    Check your state and utility for incentives. Here in NJ it seems that PSE&G may have a credit up to $1500 and the state seems to offer $250. Im just about to start this journey so haven’t been through all the fine print, hoops and red tape yet but plan on looking into both further for my...
  16. Tinted front light bar on F150 Lightning using special tint made for lights

    I'm in Northern NJ. Would you recommend the person that did the tint?
  17. ✅ 8/8 Lightning Build Week Group

    For those still waiting for delivery, it is worth it. Truck is fast and quiet. I love putting the groceries in the frunk rather than my back seat! We took it for a 150mi RT road trip to my parents house over the weekend. Averaged 2.3 mi/kwh. Around town it is a little better at 2.5 mi/kwh. I...
  18. ✅ 8/8 Lightning Build Week Group

    Yes, love the Smoked Quartz! Sometimes it looks more blue sometimes it looks more gray. Dark but not too dark. Perfect IMHO
  19. ✅ 8/8 Lightning Build Week Group

    I honestly don’t know. Never went to shipped on Ford.com
  20. Phone as a Key issue

    Took delivery of my Lariat ER today. Set up phone as a key tonight. Left the key inside and took the truck for a spin with only my phone in my pocket. To set it up, I sat in the truck with the actual key and turned it on. Then I followed the prompts on the Ford Pass app to activate. Pretty simple.