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  1. FCSP outdoor mounting options

    Has anyone installed their FCSP outdoors? I want to be able to allow others that may not park in my garage to use the charger (visitors, neighbors, etc) and was curious if it was durable enough. I don't want to mount it on my house but not sure if there are other options. I appreciate the...
  2. 1870 miles round trip Rumson, NJ to Amelia Island, FL

    My Lightning is a Lariat with extended range battery, max tow and tow tech. The 1870 was just the ride between the two locations not counting driving around down in FL on the Island which added up to another 250 or so miles for the week. I left on Friday August 19th stopped for the night in...
  3. How to cancel United Road updates

    I’ve been in the website. I cannot remove the affiliate or stop receiving emails on updates. Now that my truck is here I don’t feel the need to watch all the deliveries at the dealer. It was super useful when I was waiting.
  4. OBD scanner

    I bought an OBDLink CX which I plugged into the OBD2 port on my MME, connect it to via Bluetooth LE to the app that came with it. I cannot seem to connect an app to view the data though. It doesn’t see the device via BT LE or regular BT. I was trying to connect Car Scanner. I know iOS 15...
  5. Should there be a separate section for road trips

    I'm thinking that we all like reading about owners taking road trips for a variety of reason, none the least of which is to learn about planning, etc. As more people are getting Lightnings delivered to them it makes me hope we will read more of those threads and perhaps consolidating them to...
  6. Who had their Lightning parked in Asbury Park, NJ today?

    Asbury Park, NJ today? I went down around 7:30 for drinks on the boardwalk with my wife and lo and behold an antimatter blue Lariat parked at a public charger. The wheels look much better in person btw. This is the first I’ve seen and makes the wait that much more difficult. I hope the...
  7. DCH Ford of Eatontown has a mannequin

    If you’re near Eatontown, NJ they have a white Lariat in the lot.
  8. Dana Ford in Staten Island has one for sale

    They emailed and they had one for sale yesterday and another for sale today. Both Lariat, the unit that sold was white and the other is this one. Smoked Quartz Lightning Lariat Perhaps someone nearby can grab it.
  9. MME 12v battery issues

    It seems there are some serious issues plaguing the MME that I’ve read about on the sister forum that result in a dead 12v battery. I’m curious if the Lightning will have the same flaw. It’s concerning because about 40 forum members have had issues that has an unknown cause effecting several...
  10. Chest fridge for frunk

    I’ve been thinking about a refrigerator / freezer that would be chest style to store in the frunk for tailgating and beach trips. Anyone have any thoughts in this or suggestions on prospective units? I'm thinking this would be way better than a cooler full of ice.
  11. WSJ Lightning review

    It’s a rave and I won’t spoil it beyond that. https://www.wsj.com/articles/2022-ford-f-150-lightning-review-11652388946
  12. Dealer mannequins arriving when?

    I recall dealers getting demo Broncos they referred to as mannequins before the first deliveries. They were for viewing and test driving for reservation holders. They couldn’t be sold until a certain amount of time went by or they rang up certain mileage. When will dealers get a lightning...