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  1. The Lightning Can Oversteer (drift); Who Knew?

    I've slid mine around a few times and was caught off guard the first time by how much Ford let's you get away with before the correction begins. On my 3.5 I would have to turn off traction control to get remotely sideways, the lighting let's me play more but when you ease off the throttle it...
  2. Chinese EVs... may be better than we think

    I think the best option is for US companies to work with or license battery tech from these Chinese companies. I do believe Ford has taken steps in that direction but with the recent slow down on ev based growth idk what Ford is doing now.
  3. Introduction to J+ BOOSTER 2 EV Charger + Exclusive Discount

    That i did not know! I still think most OEM chargers are going to stay within the confines of the UL standards, Using the ford plug to charge another ev is a very unique and specific case that I dont think most chargers will consider. I cant imagine the headache when people say "well the breaker...
  4. Introduction to J+ BOOSTER 2 EV Charger + Exclusive Discount

    You don't want to run it at 30 amps on a 30 amp breaker. There's a 20% over head requirement, so max load for a 30 amp breaker is 24 amps, for a 40 amp breaker it's 32 amps. Im not an expert but I imagine this is why most chargers are 16a, 24a, 32a, and 40a.
  5. PTS/FDRS VIN Check Thread

    Other than the super charger update i havent got one since June I think. Ford dealer says everything is fine and nothing is missing but I know that's not true based on missing charge %. 1FT6W1EVXPWG01233
  6. PTS/FDRS VIN Check Thread

    Just throwing this out there but make sure you plan accordingly in regards to supercharging in the Midwest is mostly V2 chargers and will not work with non tesla vehicles. EA charge speeds are normally good along the I-80 corridor.
  7. GMC Sierra Denali EV on the Way?

    Man I cant imagine paying that for a truck now. With the bath most of us have taken on the lighting ($89k in early 23 with no rebates vs $59k right now) I will never be an early adopter again....
  8. Used Lariat ER or New XLT SR

    Find a different dealer.... sounds like the "dealer discount" is just a way for them to keep more of the rebates for themselves.
  9. Jumping

    in my experience its just not big enough to jump start other vehicles. I have successfully jumped 4 cylinder cars but my 4.6L Lincoln and 5.0 mustang are no goes. Have to use the jump box.
  10. Stuck on OTA 6.1.0 since October. '22 Lariat

    Good idea, mine was getting stuck in early 23 and i did that a few times haven't tried it to see if it helps now.
  11. Stuck on OTA 6.1.0 since October. '22 Lariat

    Log into Ford.com and check your vehicle. There is a CSP for the 12v battery not reporting the corect voltage and its preventing updates. Been documented a few times on this forumn (im stuck waiting on my dealer to actually do something about issues like these since October). This is from the...
  12. Ford Confirms: Owners Won't Need Tesla App to Supercharge

    I would assume it’s possible but considering they can’t get it right with EA…. I wouldn’t hold your breath. Although I trust Teslas software capabilities much more than EA.
  13. Methods, BFG's, and Stage 3 Leveling Kit -- 2023 Lightning Build

    Pretty sure im going to steal your set up with maybe a slight change to a less aggressive tire and a different color wheel
  14. New Wheels and Tires!

    I would love to hear what kind of range hit you see over the coming months. I keep tetering on what i want to do when its time for tires (hoping to make it through summer) and going to a smaller wheel with bigger tires is the only way i think im going to get the look i want without a level kit.
  15. Ford to Offer Complimentary Tesla Supercharger Adapter to Eligible Lightning Owners (1/31/24 Update)

    I’m willing to bet they will work in any ev that the Tesla supercharger can complete its handshake with.
  16. 10 K Refund.

    I could see an argument for any bc activated prior to the price drop being offered free bc as long as they are the owner. Wouldn’t cost ford anything but would at least let us who didn’t know the price was going to drop or that bc was going to be $800 a year feel some sort of appreciation for...
  17. New Tires on MY23? (Photo)

    Love the look! So glad to hear there's no rubbing, I drive 150 a day so no tires until I get my pro charger installed.
  18. Cybertruck Boys are finding out about true range now

    isnt the 320 based on mixed use with only like 30% being highway or higher speeds? I drive mostly highway at 65-70 and can say 250 miles in good weather is about it, my lifetime average is 1.7 at 30,000.
  19. Quiet mode? Please stop the bells, tones and hums

    Ford can not turn off the back up alarm due to it being a legal requirement now. I work on Firetrucks and we just put painters tape over the speaker while being worked on in the shop, its still there but and it seems loud up close but from 15-20 feet is barely noticeable, might be a non...
  20. New Tires on MY23? (Photo)

    ive been wanting to upgrade... im at 30k and i want a more A/T tire but stuck on range vs function. I want to level and get 275/65/20 (about 34") but worried ill hate my decision as the truck already struggles with anything over 175 miles in winter. I am waiting on the battery module and pack...