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  1. Update: F-150 Lightning Fast Charging Tesla Adapters Start Shipping TODAY Per Ford!

    But half the time I already have the item on my patio (or my neighbor has it on theirs because addresses are hard) before FedEx bothers to show any tracking at all.
  2. Will it fit me?

    Exactly that, they're obviously the older gen. There are more of them just because they were around first and V3s cost more to install. The best way to see is to look at this map: https://www.tesla.com/findus You can filter on "super chargers open to other EVs" which are the location equipped...
  3. Will it fit me?

    Phoenix to Flagstaff is about a mile difference in elevation. Kingman is 2000 ft higher, but it's a fair amount of ups and downs no matter which route you take. South-Western AZ is the flat desert that we're known for, North-Eastern AZ is mountainous and something of a giant plateau you have to...
  4. Will it fit me?

    Gilbert to Flagstaff: Dangerous in winter. There are currently no DCFC options between Anthem (North Phoenix for those of you outside the area) and Flagstaff. My ER Barely made it from central PHX to Flagstaff starting at 80%. This was for a thanksgiving trip at night, so cold was absolutely a...
  5. AP Article: Charging Cable Thefts Hurting EV Market

    On one hand, it's terrible, but at least the vandals didn't mess with the poor CHAdeMO drivers. They need all the charging they can get.
  6. Will it fit me?

    Let's talk. I'm in central Phoenix and drive out to mesa just about every other day. While on the freeway, I'm hovering around 2.0 m/kWh. 1.8 if I'm driving 75, 2.2 if I'm driving 55 with a bit of stop and go. Your daily up to 200 miles is not going to be a problem. Even in the summer nastiness...
  7. Help me find a car! Huge discount wanted

    Determine the price you want to pay. Call every dealership within 100 miles and tell them what you're willing to pay. If they say no, have them take down your information and call you when they're ready to make that deal. Maybe by the end of the month someone will be desperate to make a sale.
  8. Ford Cancels Model E Program, Letting All US Dealers Sell EVs

    The spin of the article seems to make it sound that way. But in reality, I don't think so. More dealers to buy from, sure, but the dealers that weren't buying into the ModelE program are most likely the ones that resist the shift to EVs in general, so they may have a couple for the "suckers" but...
  9. Ford NACS to CCS1 Tesla Adapter Arrived Today. First Supercharger Experience

    Glue an Airtag or Tile tracker to that thing as soon as it arrives :)
  10. EV & HEV Motorcycles

    I really want to go EV for my motorcycle as well, but I want a "sleeper" like the lightning. Something that looks more like a classic tourer, but happens to be an EV. Seems like the only EV motorcycle all either look like racers or dual sports.
  11. 🎉Drive Down Memory Lane with Dad: Share Your Best Rides Together

    Mom died of covid complications the month before mother's day. So Dad and I went on sort of a memorial ride up to a not-so-nearby lake. He's a bit old fashioned, and doesn't really care for EVs, but motorcycles are always something we will have in common. Ford/F150 Lightning/2023
  12. Boat Towing Advice

    The XLT/Pro screen has one soft button across the bottom row of soft buttons where you can "favorite" something that's deeper in the menu. Since I lack the SOC on my gauges, I currently have it set to the charge settings app for when I want to know the exact SOC for some reason. I could easily...
  13. Update: F-150 Lightning Fast Charging Tesla Adapters Start Shipping TODAY Per Ford!

    What was your order number? tens of thousands of us (hundred+?) ordered on 2/29, but AFAIK they're only up to about the first 3500 shipped so far. Your order number should be on the confirmation email from Ford on 2/29 and starts with "FAE:9"
  14. Ah summer is here in the valley of the sun

    You definitely want it plugged in through summer during the day. It won't even try to keep the battery safe if you don't.
  15. Ah summer is here in the valley of the sun

    That's good, that means it's conditioning the battery, even when not plugged in.
  16. Ah summer is here in the valley of the sun

    FWIW I have my charging window set basically from sunup to sundown now to make sure that it's going to cool when it needs to, but I'm worried that's not enough to prevent heat damage to the battery.
  17. Ah summer is here in the valley of the sun

    OK, it's 9:45, I had a 10:00 departure set, real outside temp is 93F and with the departure set, the battery temp is dead on the middle line. I could hear the cooler running lightly as soon as I stepped outside. Of note, maybe it just hadn't kicked on yet since it still had 15 min till...
  18. Lightning Bluetooth Behavior Not Too Smart-Holds Onto Phone Connection When Driver Not In Truck

    This shit bugs the hell out of me. I'm pretty sure it's an iOS thing, but the car is the #1 top priority device. When I had a MME (Premium trim so equivalent feature-wise to OPs Lariat), even with the car off it would Bluetooth connect to it, because that's how the frunk and lift-gate controls...
  19. Remote Climate - two steps forward, one step back

    What are you on about? You can totally still remote start it no matter where you are. The app is just more descriptive now because what is remote start in an EV other than just activating the climate control? Just hit the fan looking button, and then you'll have an option to set the temperature...
  20. What is this yellow adapter(?) that came with my Lightning?

    Maybe they got a random late supply drop or something because my Aug 2023 build got one.