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  1. Wireless phone charging defect - bad fan

    I believe the CAN bus integration is prevent the static on the radio when the phone is charging. I always love the "we just have this requirement" and the fix is a long of items each with it's own set of problems to solve. I see those is an "upside down funnel" :)
  2. Trying to use my ford station pro to charge a cycbertruck

    It would way cool if that could be pulled from the truck. It's being done for school buses https://www.renewableenergyworld.com/storage/massachusetts-school-bus-shaves-peak-demand-in-first-v2g-program-for-district/ Having a stable access point for "regular" EV cars and trucks will definitely...
  3. Trying to use my ford station pro to charge a cycbertruck

    Very nice! Vehicle to Grid (V2G) is now possible. In Massachusetts they pay $275/kWh if they draw from a solar battery. https://www.masssave.com/residential/rebates-and-incentives/battery-storage-and-evs/batteries I'd imagine something similar for V2G Thanks for the info, really interesting
  4. Trying to use my ford station pro to charge a cycbertruck

    Ah, got it! I assumed that the DC could be used "Truck to House" for powering the house thru an inverter as a backup and also DC "House to Truck" for charging the truck via Solar panels and/or solar battery backup. No one asked me to do the design though ... LOL Thank you!!
  5. Trying to use my ford station pro to charge a cycbertruck

    Thank you for the link! I did find this: CORRECTED 7/2: Besides supplying 240AC to the Lightnings built-in dual chargers (ER) the Siemens/Ford designed FCSP is actually bi-directional and will take the direct DC power out of the CCS connector and will feed it directly to the Home Integration...
  6. Trying to use my ford station pro to charge a cycbertruck

    Are the DC pins "bi-directional" if you have the Sunrun setup? So can the truck consume power from a DC battery feed by the solar panels OR directly from the solar panels and also provide DC back to the Sunrun battery or inverter to run the house?
  7. How Do I Turn On Plug and Charge?

    If that doesn't work, throw the phone across the room!
  8. DC Fast Charging lack of info

    Yeah, I think the "decade" is about right. Hopefully the boomers will "pass the torch to a new generation" and that generation, who will have lived with the "lack of privacy" ramification, will assert some control (and not "sell out" :) ) Yeah, driving stick was (and still is) great! Of...
  9. DC Fast Charging lack of info

    I do database programming all day long (still use vi/gvim though). I can see the value but I'm not in any hurry to provide all that info to Ford. I mean I've rooted my phone and installed a firewall to block traffic for apps, adway (which created a 4 MB hosts file with 125,000 entries) to...
  10. Ah summer is here in the valley of the sun

    So just like us, sometimes the truck just needs a little "juice" to keep cool.
  11. DC Fast Charging lack of info

    I find the whole ethos around Ford software to be awful, no more awful then lots of others but awful none the less. Yup, I'm old and yearn for the early days of the internet when everything wasn't about collecting personal data to sell you crap. I didn't accept the latest Terms and...
  12. Got My First Thumbs Down

    I had someone at Homedepot shouting out their window I think at me about "being gay" or something, he was so animated that I too amused to actually process what he was saying. I was glad he was so engaged and I just hope he doesn't tell my wife!
  13. Got My First Thumbs Down

    Unlike the effects of using good ol' gasoline, nothing to see here people!
  14. Setting up fordpass previous owner doesn’t clear

    Basically replace what Ford has using this: https://www.amazon.com/GL-iNet-GL-X3000-Multi-WAN-Detachable-WireGuard/dp/B0C5RCQ8N5/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?crid=B3WWE2PTF8LN Then setup the router as a Wireguard VPN server and put a wireguard client on your phone and configure it as a client. When you...
  15. Powertrain malfunction

    Or Ocho Equis if you're really freaked out :)
  16. New Lightning ⚡ leaks

    Will it be less fugly?
  17. Farley says Level 3 Autonomous Driving in 2026

    Whatever they have at some point in time in 2026 will be exactly what they said they"d have no matter what it is. Better, sure, truly autonomous, probably under some limited conditions, "fully autonomous" under all conditions highly unlikely.
  18. 195kw Charging Speed

    Totally understand & agree. The arc of technology will equalize cost while improving the process. Add to that, for example. things like high temp super conductivity and we're looking at something akin to the first mainframes and telephones vs the current (pun intended) "state of the art"
  19. 195kw Charging Speed

    How much is the combined downtime of all those people worth? Pay what it costs and move on, we (their customers) are worth it :)
  20. Setting up fordpass previous owner doesn’t clear

    If you can get to it via WiFi then you should be able to work around the installed modem using existing networking functionality like DDNS, VPN etc