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  1. Lack of OTA Updates...Am I the Only One?

    For the most part it doesn't bother me. But I want P&C at Tesla and I want BC 1.4, so I'm more than likely going to bite the bullet and join the FDRS crowd.
  2. Ford Cancels Model E Program, Letting All US Dealers Sell EVs

    EV competency needs to be minimum 5 techs certified for EV's. No excuse to wait a week cuz their ONE tech was on vacation. Sounds like the dealers control Ford, wonder what sort of back door deals where done to nix the program.
  3. BC1.4 is coming soon in early 2024 according to Ford FAQ

    Could you recommend what to use for connecting to the battery? I'm putting a shopping list together. More and more I'm starting to think I want to do these updates myself.
  4. V4 with MAGIC DOCK... brand new installation near ORLANDO

    I had the exact same immediate reaction, but I firmly inserted my foot into my mouth a while back when I blasted a test report as foolish. So I'm trying my hardest to not repeat that. :D
  5. Ah summer is here in the valley of the sun

    I turned off departure for yesterday, it wasn't quite as hot. Truck reported 118, the battery temp was just a skosh higher than it was yesterday. So I guess inconclusive? I didn't really notice much difference in overall efficiency going home, running A/C and ventilated seats eats up an extra...
  6. V4 with MAGIC DOCK... brand new installation near ORLANDO

    I disagree with their test strategy. The first 6 minutes is not long enough to accurately access the charging performance of an EV. No one charges for just 6 minutes and EV's have drastically different charging curves at different SOC. All they say is that they tested EV's when they were able to...
  7. Lack of OTA Updates...Am I the Only One?

    I think you and I are on the same OTA distro list. The one that fell off the table and no one has noticed yet. :D
  8. V4 with MAGIC DOCK... brand new installation near ORLANDO

    I'm skeptical about this, since we have plenty of first hand experience here showing our lightnings very much achieve their full potential on SC's.
  9. V4 with MAGIC DOCK... brand new installation near ORLANDO

    Every EV is limited by the voltage of the battery. Take the voltage and multiply by the amps provided from the DCFC and you get the total power going into the battery. The 350kW stations have a 500A max I believe.
  10. Update: F-150 Lightning Fast Charging Tesla Adapters Start Shipping TODAY Per Ford!

    I'm hoping we see another round that should take us up to the 6000 area either tomorrow or Friday.
  11. BC1.4 is coming soon in early 2024 according to Ford FAQ

    I'm sure there's a reason, but why can't the HVB be connected and top up the LVB during the install? Or is it but it's not able to supply enough power?
  12. Got My First Thumbs Down

    Agree 100% with you. The one difference that can be pointed out is that there are no policies in place that force you to buy an ICE vehicle. I don't mind that EV's get subsidies, seems fair given all the money big oil has gotten for decades. But I don't think it's fair for govt's to outright ban...
  13. Ah summer is here in the valley of the sun

    It was slightly higher when I got home, weather station in the backyard said 109 for the high today. Wish I put up more solar, the truck already drank all my built up credits! 😂
  14. Ah summer is here in the valley of the sun

    Google says it is 105, sitting in full sun for 9 hours. This is with departure set to cool truck.
  15. What is this yellow adapter(?) that came with my Lightning?

    The demo I bought was put into service Jun '22, got a net but no adaptor. I tried to buy one on Amazon and they sent me the wrong one twice. Box was labeled correctly but it was the wrong adaptor inside. Have yet to try again.
  16. Estimating Efficiency on Long Uphill Drives

    I average 60% SOC used from El Paso to Deming, another 60% from Deming to Tucson, and about 25% from Tucson to Phoenix. I also drive 70 unless I find a caravan of Semi's to follow that are going faster.
  17. Truck died 5 miles from home

    Truth, fixing the BMS system would alleviate a lot of our problems/concerns.
  18. Ah summer is here in the valley of the sun

    An interesting finding yesterday. I started a departure time for when I get off work (so I'm not plugged in). The past week the battery temp has been well to the right when I leave work. Yesterday, the temp was dead center. In fact, it actually crept up a little while driving. Supposed to be 108...
  19. Truck died 5 miles from home

    Getting stuck at 99% display for several hours is not uncommon, as the BMS tries to balance all the cells. Nothing unusual there, however the SOC actual reading also showing 100 is baffling. I haven't seen anyone else get a reading like that. I have to ask the obvious, have you double checked...