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  1. Driver side windshield wiper hitting A pillar

    last night I was driving in some heavy rain, and this is the first rain we've had since I had the wiper motor recall performed. At higher wiper speeds I could hear the wiper hitting the edge of the windshield and striking the A pillar- has anyone else seen this? Do the wipers have a range of...
  2. Anyone else lose a row of radio buttons?

    I guess it's from one of the recent software updates, but I went from having 3 rows of buttons to choose from for preset audio to only rows. Did they enlarge the buttons so only two fit now? I have a gap at the bottom of the screen where that third row used to be.
  3. Anyone else notice the nav selection on the infotainment system is now gone?

    I have a Lariat with the bigger screen, and there's that ribbon of selection buttons between the climate controls at the bottom and whatever is selected for the top half of the screen. Now with the new software update there's a second carplay tile, but the navigation tile is gone. Is there a...
  4. does self parking work? Almost backed into a car on my first attempt

    So i decided to test the self parking system the other day. It doesn't seem to detect lines in a parking lot, only physical cars via the sonar sensors. I was trying the setting to back into a parking space, but as I was holding down the button it tried to back into the car beside the spot so I...
  5. Sun Run sent me an invoice after I canceled the install

    I originally was going to go with Sun Run to install the Ford charger, but they were not able or willing to complete it before the truck arrived, and then tried to send me photos asking to install it in the wrong location. I finally called a local electrician who was able to do it for much less...
  6. EA/blue oval free charging not working

    I have a EA station in town and I've been using it every few days while I wait on my home charger to be installed. Last week it was free I think due to a promotion, but last night I plugged in and the system that is supposed to auto recognize the lightning and apply my free charging did not...
  7. Powered cooler vs mini-fridge?

    I plan on camping a lot with my lightning, as well as potential tailgating. I've been looking at powered coolers, but I also realized that just buying a dorm size mini-fridge would be a whole lot cheaper and probably be just as easy. Has anyone else been considering this? It seems like they...
  8. camping/cooking/tailgating subthread?

    admins-would it be possible to create a specific forum area for camping/cooking/tailgating or something like that? It doesn't seem to fit neatly into any of the exisitng areas and would probably have enough traffic talking about suitable equipment and showing off your builds to make it worthwhile.
  9. does the battery charge decline any in long-term parking- like 6+ days?

    I go camping at least once a year for a week or more away from the vehicle, and my current vehicle sits there with half a tank of gas with no issues. Do EVs lose any significant charge while sitting long-term? I can probably find a way to bring an extension cord and trickle charge at level 1...