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  1. FordPass and web dashboard with different info

    Just checked Ford Pass and realized my Lariat was at 66% and 191 miles. the dashboard on ford.com shows the same estimated rang, 191 miles, but says the charge level is 89%. As I never charge over 85% ford.com dashboard has the charge level wrong. never noticed a discrepancy before but...
  2. camera activates entering a car wash

    When I enter a car wash inside the vehicle truck is in neutral. the front and rear cameras switch on. no complaints, just interesting. Anyone else notice this?
  3. Silverado EV spotted

    on our trip to Dallas last weekend I was charging at an EVGO station in Plano when a brand new Silverado EV pulled up next to me. He'd had it less than a week and the OD showed 500 miles. I admire and envy the midgate bed extension feature as I had a 2012 Avalanche the I traded in for my...
  4. Ford Navigation locked up

    traveling today from only my 2nd trip non-local. mostly interstate. stopped to charge in Hope Arkansas EA. charge went fine. but as we were about to leave in the Sync4 nav I entered our next charging stop. But the system locked up. the Nav continued to indicate that we were still in Hope...
  5. State of Charge Lightning vs Cybertruck ultimate comparison

    Admin: didn't see anyone else post this so sorry if it's a duplicate. go ahead and delete . Tesla Cybertruck vs Ford F-150 Lightning Ultimate Comparison
  6. Ford to trim workforce at Lightning plant from 2100 to 700

    Ford to reduce workforce at Lightning plant
  7. rear camera stuck on

    I'm in a 23 Lariat ERI and was experimenting with the camera's the other day. I had some lumber in the truck and had to lower the tailgate and secure the 8ft long boards. I thought it would be cool (and it was) to have the rear camera show me the cargo in the bed. However once enabled It...
  8. Tesla, EV stocks slide on startling news, but Ford rallies

  9. saw my first cybertruck

    visiting Houston and staying just a few miles from Telsa showroom. saw 5 cybertrucks waiting to get washed before delivery to customers. It's every bit as ugly as the pictures show. Had a nice conversation with an elderly couple who had a reservation. He thought it was beautiful! Different...
  10. the rest of the story

    to steal a line from Paul Harvey, regarding the string of articles about EV's sitting unsold on dealers lot, now the press is revealing that this is a trend for ALL cars, not just EV's. https://www.carscoops.com/2024/02/weak-january-sales-lead-to-biggest-dealer-inventory-buildup-in-years/...
  11. tesla chargers freezing?

    Anti EV media/people are having a field day talking about Tesla's parked unable to charge. From what I can determine a single Tesla's bank of chargers in Oak Park, Il (Chicago area) had issues. A local media outlet found out and then when they reported on it, it spread like wildfire on the...
  12. Motortrend: We Gave Our Ford F-150 Lightning a Fastback Roof—Did We Get More Range?

    very interesting. perhaps Ford's version of a Chevy Avalanche? https://www.motortrend.com/reviews/2023-ford-f-150-lightning-xlt-yearlong-review-update-6/
  13. Forum question: cannot search my bookmarks by labels

    tried to find a better place to post this but hope someone can help. I've been active on this forum for over a year. My list of "bookmarks" has gotten so large that most of the time I can't find the one I'm looking for. So the other day I started going through them and putting in labels as...
  14. Forscan: what do I need to get started

    Have been on this forum since summer 2021. saw lots of talk about Forscan but now that I've had my lightning for a couple months I'd like to investigate Forscan. I was in with Compaq/HP for 25 years so I'm not a novice to computers both hardware and software (windows/android anyway) and now...
  15. Vehicle Health Report {Wrong Mileage} fixed 5/2024

    Got this email today. problem is 1) Although I did request at one time just to see what it was, however it wasn't on 12-11-2023 especially since today is 12-10! 2) the odometer reading is 1170. but my truck has 2,740 miles on it. Based on the odometer reading listed this report was...
  16. powertrain malfunction error

    Have had this show up twice in the past few weeks. I have schedule to take it to the dealer next week. no issues other than the warning saying schedule service soon. Could this be related to the BATTERY ENERGY CONTROL MODULE BECM SOFTWARE UPDATE?
  17. power up software updated last night

    Been watching posts about the latest power up software. Was excited when Ford Pass today had a message that my update was installed last night (Had my truck only 3 months). went out to the truck to see what messages were on the synch4 screen. it confirmed that I'd been updated to version...
  18. Tesla driving in resturant/charging station

    https://www.axios.com/2023/11/13/tesla-restaurant-supercharger-diner-hollywood very cool, would love to see a Friday evening Lighting meet and greet.
  19. Tesla signs deal with 2nd gas station operator to sell its Supercharger directly

    didn't know they signed the first one but all is good news. https://electrek.co/2023/11/13/tesla-signs-deal-gas-station-operator-sell-supercharger-directly/
  20. dust cap for FCSP cable

    My FCSP is outside but under cover in our car port. I'm trying to find a dust cap to cover the plug to keep out bugs and dust. Have searched online with no luck. Has anyone seen anything like that, or have an idea that would work better than the plastic bag and rubber band I'm using now.