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  1. Ford lost $132,000 per EV sold in first Q 2024

    I guarantee they are making margin on the vehicles. These doom and gloom articles are all about applying the cost of long term investments to initial sales. I'm not reading the article but I seriously doubt they mentioned what the contribution margin is for the vehicles.
  2. Road Trip Report, Maine 332 Miles one day......

    Good report, I appreciate the detail! I think for those of us in the northeast, electricity prices *in general* are out of control. DCFC is more of a convenience than a necessity (like a gas station) so it's not really an equivalent pricing model. I don't *like* DCFC pricing but I don't think...
  3. Never trust the dashboard, EPA and Ford.

    My long run average (almost 2 yrs) is 2.1mpk in a cold weather climate. 2.4-2.5 in the warmer months, which matches EPA estimate. I'm probably 60% highway driving and I'm usually traveling 70-80 on the highway. I think the estimate is fine if you understand what it means, although I agree...
  4. What is this yellow adapter(?) that came with my Lightning?

    Same, I figured the PDI crew ended up with the adapter pack.
  5. Ford lost $132,000 per EV sold in first Q 2024

    It's clickbait to call normal investment cycles "losing money". Incredibly stupid and disingenuous way to frame it.
  6. Charging Glitch at 100%--not 99%, 100%.

    I hadn't seen that but I don't know if I've ever done a pre-set charge to 100%. It definitely appears to be a software bug.
  7. Ford Adapter Delayed; Glad I got an A2Z

    Mine is still July but based on May getting delayed i'd say there's a 90% chance that they continue pushing down delays as time goes by. I completely expected this to happen which is why I pre-ordered the A2Z adapter in December. I had it before the Tesla network opened. I've only used it once...
  8. My '23 Pro is being Auctioned

    Once the batteries start going out of warranty people will be making a killing selling modules from salvaged Lightnings. What is Ford asking? $14,000 per module? You'll probably be able to get $5k per module. How many does the SR have? 6-7? As a long term project, parting this truck out...
  9. Northern New England DCFC thread

    yes, it’s a massive improvement!
  10. Northern New England DCFC thread

    Well, the Supercharger network is now open. The Tesla app shows 4 stations north of manchester open in the 93 corridor. Tilton, Ashland and Thornton. Then St Johnsbury (technically off 91). Too bad still nothing on the Rt16 side but the Tilton supercharger is right at the split to cut across...
  11. A2Z/Lectron Supercharger Adapter experiences?

    75kWh in 38 minutes. Just shy of 120kW avg. not bad. The adapter was slightly warm when the session was done. Just a little warmer than ambient.
  12. A2Z/Lectron Supercharger Adapter experiences?

    Doing my first session now. First pedestal wouldn’t work but second one did. For the second one i used the Charge Assist app (first time ever) in the truck. It showed all the Tesla pedestals and allowed me to activate the pedestal from the in vehicle screen. The battery wasn’t warm but it worked...
  13. A2Z adapter experience w/o Firmware update

    Glad to hear it worked. I’m going to try my A2Z soon but haven’t had the chance. I see that the plug and charge update for my truck is pending for tonight. I’ll probably try both ways though i doubt i’d pay the 12.99/mo unless i knew i was going on a roadtrip. Looks like it takes about 100kWh...
  14. Taxman's Lightning Chronology

    Great report!. I've been fondling my A2Z adapter all day... 😄
  15. NACS Adapter Now Available + Ford EV Owners Can Now Charge on Tesla Superchargers in U.S., Canada! 🙌

    Well, i was in bed sick all day and missed the fun. Got in around order 26,000. I figured this is what the rollout would look like…which is why i bought the A2Z adapter on pre-order. ;) if i can muster the energy i’ll go give it a shot at the supercharger a few towns over. very nice to see our...
  16. Departure time issues

    I checked, i do have 4.32.1. I forced closed my app and restarted. I don’t know if there’s a way to clear cache on iOS but it let me edit the departure times in any case. I delete the two times i had saved. We’ll see if it sticks.
  17. Departure time issues

    Anyone else having problems with departure times not updating or not working? I had turned off departure times a few weeks ago, maybe over a month, but it keeps resetting itself and i’ll find my truck preconditioning in the morning again, i turn it departure times, then it happens again. Now it...
  18. My 2023 Lightning Lariat is getting a battery pack replacement!

    Almost exactly the same story here, slightly shortened time frame. Dropped off 2/5, picked up 2/16. They took care of all of the recalls that were open (I believe). -HVB module (Module 1, Cell 6 failure) -Battery monitor sensor (BMS) replacement -Windshield wiper motor replacement -Rear light...
  19. 2024 DC Fast Charging Speed Limited to 120kW at EA?

    @tommolog can you try to get some info on Ford limiting DCFC speed to 120kW for 2024 Lightnings?
  20. 2024 DC Fast Charging Speed Limited to 120kW at EA?

    I’m wondering if this is the protect the batteries. If you look in the “Issues” forum, quite a few people (myself included) have had to have HVB modules replaced. They may be eliminating the “boost” charging to protect from module failure. This is total speculation but we have had a surprising...