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  1. Lemon Law Filing

    You can go through lemon law or through BBB https://bbbprograms.org/programs/all-programs/bbb-autoline/how-bbb-auto-line-works/ford Either way from what I've read it usually take a few months before Ford finally sends you a check. I love my lightning, but if it was in the shop for that long...
  2. Ford Adapter Delayed; Glad I got an A2Z

    Mine still says July, so I'm assuming they just delayed the May orders and maybe in June mine will get pushed back.
  3. @Ford

    Ford sends out a "technician" to your house and makes sure your complaint is "taken care of"
  4. Priority Update-23-PU1113-UNX-DC [Connectivity]

    Got this one 2 days ago when I parked to pick up my daughter from school. Must have been a quick update.
  5. Anyone need a NACS adapter?

    Wow, you have a very nice garage.
  6. Power-Up OTA 6.4.0 - Smart Changes: Refinements to improve connectivity

    Been about 2 weeks since my last update. I saw a small icon on the wifi symbol, so I reconnected and 6.4.0 starting downloading immediately. About 30 minutes later it was installed.
  7. Ford to trim workforce at Lightning plant from 2100 to 700

    Can't wait for the regular editions to release next year and those $100k cybertrucks start selling for $80k brand new. Foundation Editions will probably be worth $60k.
  8. Diamondback Switchback Review

    TLDR: Great tonneau cover but very expensive compared to other trifolds. Its heavy and needs 2 hands to open. The last panel doesn't fold against the bed. 99% waterproof and very rugged. The cover does interfere with the automatic tailgate. After diving in the pool of endless tonneau covers, I...
  9. Priority Update: 23-PU1103-NAT-VCE (re-release of 6.2.0)

    Just got 6.2.0, I'm averaging 1 update every 3 - 4 days right now.
  10. Android Automotive coming to Maverick??

    Ford was supposed to move F150's to android automotive for the 2023 models and that never happened. Don't see it happening anytime soon.
  11. Lack of OTA Updates...Am I the Only One?

    I've had my truck for 3 weeks and have received 2 updates. last week and today. I have it set to check for updates at 10 pm, and I have the truck set to charge for an hour from 10pm to 11pm.
  12. Floor mats that keep stuff from sliding

    I got Tux Mats, and while they look nice, whenever I put something on the floor in the back seat it slides around on every turn. Are there any other floor mats that have good coverage but are also less slippery?
  13. My lightning has been in the shop for 3 weeks.

    Most states have lemon law for 30 days. Once it reaches 30 days I would look into that.
  14. I charged on a Supercharger

    Agreed. Glad I never have to deal with EA again. Thought I do have some free charging I should try to use up sometime.
  15. Tesla.com now shows ALL the NACS charging sites.

    Looks like the main focus is larger super charger sites. Most of the ones around me that are small aren't included, which is perfectly fine for me. The sites I need for road trips are all there and all rather large.
  16. Decided to jump on the latest deals and got myself a Lightning.

    Traded in my R1T today for an Antimatter Blue Lariat ER. Going to miss the R1T, but I need the extra room in the back now that I have a second child. Overall I'm happy with the Lightning in the brief hour ride home.