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  1. 2025 Ramcharger Announced

    Looks like Ram is going to be putting a v6/generator combo in addition to a 70 KW battery in the Ramcharger to get the range of gas and the performance of an EV. For most people i think this will do a wonderful job bridging the gap, depending on price and T3 might even make this loyal Ford...
  2. One Pedal Random Changes

    I know there has been a post about updates causing one pedal to be disengaged but mine is doing it randomly with no warning and no updates, anyone else experience this? It only happens once every few weeks but i still find that unacceptable, its flat out dangerous. I was backing out of my...
  3. FCSP Installation Ideas

    Im looking for installation ideas. My charger will be installed outside and about 30' from my house. I am having trouble finding a reasonable mounting solution and figured everyone here might have some input. Ive considered just using a white vinyl 4x4 post to match my fence and looked at...
  4. Frunk Capacity Tested

    How did you test your frunk?
  5. Tesla Mobile Charger With Lectron Adapter

    So i am looking into chargers and thinking for the $500 that the mobile charger cost i would go the route of a tesla mobile charger. Are there any concerns i should have with this set up? I figure this also gets me the tesla adapter for destination chargers. Tesla Mobile Charger $200 14-30...
  6. 2023 Lease Thoughts

    Now that new IRA is passed what are the odds of traditional leases coming back? Seeing as the ER are not eligible any ways why not? I know not everyone likes leases but with interest rates climbing they offer a low rate loan if you plan on buying it out anyways.
  7. Emotional Rollercoaster

    So my morning started with talking to a dealer about their demo unit. They have no deposit on it due to the fact the owner is driving it daily and they cant sell it yet anyways. So I offered to put a down payment on it to have "dibs" when they could sell it. Its an SR Lariat with tow tech and...
  8. 2023 Lightning Build and Price is Live .... $5000+ increase in price

    Ford.com 2023 Lightning builder is updated. Prices are way up and no er qualifies for the rebate. For those early reservation holders like myself who got skipped for prioritization in Zev states this is essentially a $15,000 increase on a lariat er.