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  1. New Jersey WTT: Rivian R1T for F-150L Platinum

    How about a loaded lariat with bluecruise, max tow, tow tech?
  2. ICE & Lightning wheels - compatible / swappable? Weight rating?

    Is the factory offset for Lightning 18" wheels 44?
  3. Do Brake Lights 'work' while Slowing/REGENERATION? ... the answer is now confirmed:

    Tesla, Porsche and Genesis all light up the tail lights when coming to a stop while one pedal driving
  4. I'm Curious, How Many People Are Considering Not Taking Delivery?

    I don't think the Lightnings are a straight retro fit of a gas F150. The frame I believe is totally unique and the rear is IRS. I'm pretty sure not even all of the body panels are the same.
  5. I'm Curious, How Many People Are Considering Not Taking Delivery?

    My 2022 loaded lariat ER was 80,500 before tax credit a 2022 model Y perf is about 70 grand without selecting a color. They aren't far apart in price, not counting tax credit. I have a 2020 MYP and had 2020 MSLR before getting a taycan. I love Tesla's and think the charging network is important...
  6. Eibach R&D for Lightning lowering kit, leveling kit and lift kit -- submit your input

    I’m getting a bit anxious. I’d like a level using new shocks. Is also like beefier sidewall on 18” wheels.
  7. Correct specs for aftermarket wheels?

    To add to the knowledge base here. Does anyone know the 18” wheel specs?
  8. I almost got stuck at an EA station

    EA customer service told me of you have issues, start the session from their app. That seems to work for me at stubborn charging locations.
  9. My wife isn’t happy, but worth it: 2022 F-150 Lightning Build w/ green wrap & many other mods

    Great wheels do you mind sharing make, size and offset? Truck looks amazing.
  10. Changed to Tremor 18" wheels

    I’d think that’s more a function of the tire than the wheels, unless these are wider than stock.
  11. Ford Six Spoke Wheel specs

    I like the wheels but I think I’m going 18” and getting rid of the 20s. I want more rubber and it may perhaps improve range based on videos I’ve watched.
  12. Aftermarket wheels & tires - feedback?

    I watched it over again and it validates my decision to get 18” rims vs 20”. Perhaps it will offset the loss from the small 2” lift which should be very negligible in the first place.
  13. Aftermarket wheels & tires - feedback?

    I need to red-watch this to make sure I didn’t screw up. I did find it quite interesting.
  14. Changed to Tremor 18" wheels

    How have to two of you done on range? I’m leaning toward going from a 20” to 18 for more sidewall.
  15. Aftermarket wheels & tires - feedback?

    From the research I’ve done offset and tire width are big determinants of range. The aero design is somewhat meaning full but the bigger issue is how much tire surface is exposed to generate resistance. The lift will expose a bit of tire height but not a lot so range has a modest impact...
  16. Aftermarket wheels & tires - feedback?

    That's what I was hoping. I really just want the front lifted a bit to get rid of the extreme rake.
  17. Aftermarket wheels & tires - feedback?

    I’m guessing theirs is much more modest range loss with the lift. What exactly did you do to lift the rear? A level would raise the front if I’m not mistaken.