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  1. Dealer screwed up tax credit paperwork (Post 62)

    Just bought a lightning xlt last weekend. I went into it knowing the dealer was not offering the tax credit to front because they had a bad experience with cash for clunkers program years ago. I was ok with just getting out at tax time and asked them multiple times if they did the mandatory...
  2. Faster level 1 charging

    Has anyone tried a faster level 1 charger or have another suggestion on how to get faster at home charging without installing a new 240 circuit? cheapest quote I have gotten for that so far is $800 so I’d like another option. If I could get 3-5 miles added per hour that would be all I needed
  3. 23 price help

    Working on purchase of a 23 xlt standard range. Msrp $58690 discounted to $50830. I have a $2500 private offer rebate from Ford to come off of that. I qualify for tax rebate but will have to go it at tax time as local dealers aren’t including it up front. I’ll be trading in my 21 F150 2.7L XLT...
  4. 2023 rebates

    Working on a deal on a 2023 xlt. From what I’m seeing there should be a $2,500 retail bonus cash offer (11200) and I also have a private offer rebate offer from ford for $2500. Is the retail bonus offer I’m seeing online accurate? also we qualify for x plan. Any other rebates with it?