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  1. F150 Lightning FORscan thread

    Does your rear view camera still auto turn off when you go into drive?
  2. F150 Lightning FORscan thread

    I used the interface instead of the code and just selected 4 blinks from the drop down.
  3. F150 Lightning FORscan thread

    I use single pedal driving, but when I stop I get a notification on my dash indicating “parking brake has been applied”.
  4. F150 Lightning FORscan thread

    Just to close the loop, i sent the log to FORScan support and they sent me an updated build with the issue resolved. Thanks everyone for your help.
  5. F150 Lightning FORscan thread

    That’s not the case at all. As I’ve mentioned, I cannot write IPMA at all so no change ever went through; it cuts out at 8%. I do have a backup but that fails to write as well.
  6. F150 Lightning FORscan thread

    I had the same thought earlier, it was already on the latest fw.
  7. F150 Lightning FORscan thread

    Except I know I didn't finish the procedure and I lose the bending function, so I don't think it's working. I found the high beam option under IPMA normal text and set it to glare free headlights, failed at 8% just like when doing it manually. Not sure what else to try at this point.
  8. F150 Lightning FORscan thread

    I've tried both individual and the single section needed for the headlights. Do you know what option needs to be enabled for IPMA in plain english?
  9. F150 Lightning FORscan thread

    The latest release on their site, v2.3.57. I even checked to make sure the adapter firmware is up-to-date.
  10. F150 Lightning FORscan thread

    I've been trying to get the glare-free headlights to work on my '23 Lariat ER but I am having an issue with the IPMA module failing at 8% every time. Does anyone have an idea what could be wrong? I am using the OBDLink EX, every other module worked fine. It does show a green A on my dash, but...