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  1. FCSP won't factory reset or connect to wifi/bt

    Ugh, I am in the same boat as you but I don't know if it is worth it just to see my charging stats.
  2. Reset Charge Station Pro?

    Sorry to bring up an old topic, has anyone run into the issue of the factory reset button not doing anything? I’ve held it a solid minute and the lights stay blue.
  3. 208 3P/ NEMA 14-50 wiring/ 460 volt cornucopia

    I think you should have a licensed electrician do this work. No offense, but you don't seem to have experience with this sort of thing and just using some advice from the internet to get it done is a recipe for a fire.
  4. Copilot knows the free adapter delivery dates

    The way that these large language models (LLMs) work, if they do not have an answer they will just make it up. What you witnessed is commonly referred to as a hallucination. I bet it saw something about May deliveries and applied that to your order. Check the link sfringer posted and don't trust...
  5. Purpose of the bottom cover of the CCS1 receiver

    The ridges are not to keep water out, they do not have a gasket. If water ingress was the problem there would be a gasket on that piece. It's to keep debris out of the slot. I have splashed water straight into mine probably dozens of times at this point and it still looks brand new. If you want...
  6. Electrician wants to put in a Disconnect for the FCSP

    You can't really give that answer as it will depend on how long his run is. You have to account for voltage drop over the run which could require he upsize his wiring, the rule of thumb is 3% for a branch circuit.
  7. Update: F-150 Lightning Fast Charging Tesla Adapters Start Shipping TODAY Per Ford!

    It’s pretty unfortunate, but shit happens. I was lucky enough to be #30 so I knew I’d be in the first batch.
  8. Reset Ford Charge Station Pro

    Mine was connected for a few hours when I installed it around Christmas and then couldn’t connect ever since.
  9. New Owner, purchased 3 days ago.Help with Charger/Charging Questions.

    You can not use an adapter made for level 2 charging at a supercharger, that is why your current one failed. Through FordPass you can order an official Ford one for free, but it’ll take a while to arrive. You don’t need to do anything for Sunrun, it’ll just arrive. Some people are getting them...
  10. Any benefit to occasional 100% charge?

    I am just trying to say that I do not know how they are doing it and at this point all I have seen are assumptions. I see your point, but I don't think it adds any value unless we know how they are doing it.
  11. Free Ford NACS adapters are arriving! My order #813 arrived today!

    Mine is on the truck for delivery today, won't need it for a little while but I am going to go make sure everything works at the local SC.
  12. Any benefit to occasional 100% charge?

    Some people say that you can charge to 100% because there is extra capacity. Others say that you can drive past 0% because there is extra capacity...it can't work both ways. Do we know if we actively charge that capacity or if it's left empty so we don't charge to an actual 100% ever.
  13. Tesla Charging Prices - Not excited as others

    Coming out to my neck of the woods. The Tesla chargers are more reliable and cheaper than existing infrastructure. Travelling will always be more than charging at home, but how are you filling up your gas vehicle at home?
  14. Update: F-150 Lightning Fast Charging Tesla Adapters Start Shipping TODAY Per Ford!

    Mine is showing up in fedex now. No email yet, but it’s nice to see it’s on the way.
  15. Update: F-150 Lightning Fast Charging Tesla Adapters Start Shipping TODAY Per Ford!

    I went to check immediately and I currently have no scheduled packages so that may be something else.
  16. Charging at an RV site?

    That is not true. The NEC specifically has sizing for RV park receptacles based on known demands for the use they are being designed for and they allow the service to be quite a bit smaller than if it was not an RV park. EV chargers on the other hand are in another section and you have to take...
  17. Ford NACS Adapter Just Shipped

    Just in time for April Fools. ;)
  18. I need info on home charging

    You’re allowed to take a demand on loads and you don’t need to use your full connected load additively when connecting stuff. The majority of panels have a lot more than the rated amps connected, but real world use the panel sees a fraction of that. If you were actually overloaded you would gave...