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  1. Pro Power Ground Fault

    You probably have a loose ground somewhere in the truck. You could try to find it, or let the dealer do it for you.
  2. Ground fault using manual transfer switch

    I think there is a lot of fear mongering, I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Antoine who looks at your coffers would notice that it’s missing the ground pin. There’s being safe and cautious and then there’s bubble boy.
  3. Whole home back up - a simple approach

    I typically like Mike Holt, but I think this graphic from the official NEC Handbook Commentary is a little more clear. "Service" on the Mike Holt image is going to be your panelboard in most cases as you can see with the breakers indicated in the diagram. This wiring diagram would also be the...
  4. Whole home back up - a simple approach

    Part of the issue with a discussion like this on a forum is you do not know the qualifications of anyone weighing in, and you will always run into people who are very confidently wrong. The electrical code is not easy to read and even inspectors are known to have incorrect interpretations on...
  5. Whole home back up - a simple approach

    Those diagrams seem odd to me as most utilities will NOT bring you an EGC, from the utility you get your phases and neutral. You're required to ground and then bond at your service equipment. To me, the ground and neutral bond should be shown at the transfer switch in those diagrams.
  6. Whole home back up - a simple approach

    Sure, if we want to get into what ifs then what if your breaker fails to trip: your wires will melt and burn your house down. The NEC even allows you to replace ungrounded outlets in old homes with 3-prong GFI outlets because it’s safe.
  7. Whole home back up - a simple approach

    I was just answering that there was a way, it just requires a decent chunk of change. I feel like not bringing the equipment ground is safe enough that I’m using it. It does not meet code so I will not advise someone else to do so. also: Go Pack!
  8. Whole home back up - a simple approach

    Electricity flows in the path of least resistance. Just because you don’t bring the vehicle ground to the house does not mean it isn’t grounded: you’ve still got you’re house ground and it’s bonded at the panel which is still your service entrance. A fault on the truck side would trip the gfi. A...
  9. Whole home back up - a simple approach

    If you got a 4-pole transfer switch rated for what your main panel is then yes because it would switch the neutral.
  10. Whole home back up - a simple approach

    For what it’s worth, I don’t think it’s unsafe to not bring over your equipment ground from the truck. You service doesn’t bring you a ground either, you make the ground at the house and then bond the neutral. Treat your car as the utility and it’s the same thing, and its built in ground loop...
  11. Whole home back up - a simple approach

    Im not sure I’m following your whole setup, but you do not want to switch the house neutral AND remove the ground from the truck. You want one neutral-ground bond in your system and you want it to be at the service point ie the truck when in backup mode.