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  1. Thank you - Ford for the $81k+ 2023 Lariat Repurchase.

    Thank you - Ford for the $81k+ 2023 Lariat repurchase that took just 5 weeks in Washington state ... 17 months in use - 7966 total miles. Lucky to find a new 2023 Pro ER for about $51k + tax to save $25k + 0% 5-year financing to save $20k - put in a 5-year CD at 5% & 3x $7,500 IRS last 2-years...
  2. Cruise on Button Now Invokes Lane Centering

    Edit - the work around now for me is to keep the cruise button on - used to be able to thumb it off as a way to slow down & then on to reengage without the lane centering coming on - so now I just leave the cruise button on all the time and brake then toggle the "set" arrow up to take the speed...