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  1. Charging as it should be at Tesla Magic Dock Supercharger

    So...you're currently in Greece, parked your truck at the airport on a Tesla L2 Destination Charger, and will leave it there the entire time you're away? Just making sure I understand. :D Edit: I just checked PDX, and they have the same thing: L2 charging stations available in all parking lots...
  2. Blocking Teslas at Superchargers?

    My A2Z has been flawless, I think you'll enjoy it! :)
  3. CSP-23B70 Certain 2022-23 F-150 Lightnings - BMS Sensor Replacement

    Getting this CSP addressed tomorrow along with my first service (10K miles). I've never had a LVB charge issue, it was at 92% the other day when I looked. Guess we'll see if I get more updates now as a result of this CSP fix. :)
  4. Road trip decision point EV or ICE (MN->WY)

    According to PlugShare, they don't seem to get a lot of traffic. You'd probably be ok, especially if you keep the Island Park DCFC as a backup. There are a whopping three L2 chargers in the park itself. I don't expect the NPS to hurry to put in DCFCs, or even more L2s; honestly, I like...
  5. Road trip decision point EV or ICE (MN->WY)

    My wife and I visit Yellowstone from Oregon at least once a year, have for the last 20 years. Historically, that's 99% of the time by driving; we've flown out there once, and for our 2024 trip in a couple weeks we'll be flying again instead of taking the Lightning. It's not that I don't trust...
  6. Why Range (still) matters.

    We live in Philomath, and bought our Lightning from that dealership in Corvallis (well, they facilitated the order, anyway!). I check now and then on weekends (they're closed on Sundays) to see if it's improved. A few weeks ago it was exactly as you described, all stalls blocked by drop-offs...
  7. What do you call / name your Lightning?

    Mjolnir Edit: I call it that...my wife calls it "the truck" or "the Lightning". She's never been into the names like I have. I'm the nerdier of the two of us (though she has her moments!). :)
  8. Tesla fires whole Supercharger team [Update: Musk says supercharger growth will continue]

    Exactly; I think that's the key point to the whole situation: it appears (to the world outside of Musk's head) that this was a temper tantrum and serves no real purpose. I sure can't see one. My take on the whole thing: I'm not going to freak out and sell my Lightning and go back to an ICE...
  9. Tesla fires whole Supercharger team [Update: Musk says supercharger growth will continue]

    Sandy Munro has his take on the whole thing here; it's a very different perspective than what a lot of other people are saying/feeling. 🤔
  10. BlueCruise priced at $700 per year on 2024 models .......

    I thought I saw something about it being $800/year...so maybe they've dropped it a little bit. Like you, I'll use it (sparingly) while I have it on my 2023, but will not be renewing when it expires (my wife doesn't trust it anyway, and I'm not enamored of it either...certainly not to the tune...
  11. Ignorant Sales people amaze me

    I have known more about every vehicle I have ever bought (and there have been too many, admittedly...) than any "sales associate" I have ever dealt with. I learned long ago to not contradict, to just buy what I want based on what I know, and move on. It would be nice if they'd learn about the...
  12. My Ford.com account no longer shows 12 volt percentage

    Well that's annoying...it was there this morning...
  13. Update: F-150 Lightning Fast Charging Tesla Adapters Start Shipping TODAY Per Ford!

    Never mind...found a link to see the status. The link in my email is "expired" but if you click around enough in "Connected Services" you can find the status (can't post a link because it appear to be vehicle-specific and dynamic).
  14. Update: F-150 Lightning Fast Charging Tesla Adapters Start Shipping TODAY Per Ford!

    Same...I'm concerned it's tied to the announcement around the firing of the Tesla Supercharger team...maybe that's overly pessimistic, but it's an interesting coincidence...
  15. Ford Adapter Delayed; Glad I got an A2Z

    No change to my original June date, thankfully. Also have an A2Z adapter on order (scheduled delivery next Wednesday!), so glad I went that route!
  16. Driving ICE for the 1st time in years. I don't miss it.

    We're flying somewhere for a short vacation later this year, and have to rent an ICE when we get there (remote enough the charging infrastructure is meh). Not looking forward to that experience after having our Lightning... :\
  17. Priority Update-23-PU1113-UNX-DC [Connectivity]

    Just got this one last night. Lightning was purchased in October 2023, ordered July 2023.
  18. JerryRigEverything range test of the Silverado EV RST

    Impressive range numbers...I still don't care for the styling, but there are some good things about the vehicle, for sure. Chevy site doesn't list battery pack size, but it has to be larger than 131kW if it's getting that sort of range.