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  1. Venting heat through moonroof

    Same complaint here. one of the very few things I dislike. You live in New Hampshire. imagine the problem living in the south. I expect to be using the remote start/climate controls often
  2. What other EV do you own?

    none. I have a 23' Lariat. Wife's car is a 3 year old Honda Pilot. We take her car on any long trips.
  3. Ford Cancels Model E Program, Letting All US Dealers Sell EVs

    I agree, this is better. Dealers should be deciding on their EV commitment based on their customer base. But...note that Ford isn't requiring dealers to have DCFC's, only level 2.
  4. Ford Cancels Model E Program, Letting All US Dealers Sell EVs

    dealers were never required to have DCFC's. Level two, yes, and as noted in the press release they still are required to have 2 level two chargers. doesn't appear they have to be public however.
  5. Trying to use my ford station pro to charge a cycbertruck

    My guess: the CCS to NAS adaptor is for DC fast chargers, not AC charging from the FCSP. On the CCS plug/connector the two plugs at the bottom are for DC only. the three above are for AC (level 1/2) charging Its possible that the three above are passive not doing anything... just my guess...
  6. Update: F-150 Lightning Fast Charging Tesla Adapters Start Shipping TODAY Per Ford!

    Mine was delivered a few days ago but Ford.com still shows it's in production. go figure.
  7. What is this yellow adapter(?) that came with my Lightning?

    I've never seen it either. ('23 Lariat built in Feb '23).
  8. Update: F-150 Lightning Fast Charging Tesla Adapters Start Shipping TODAY Per Ford!

    Arrived on time. Not sure when I'll be able to test since the closest compatible tesla station is 90 miles from here!
  9. Got My First Thumbs Down

    agreed but until the government quits jamming them down people's throats using taxpayer money the resentment will always be there.
  10. Ford's Future and Past in One Pic

    see this post for old vs new https://www.f150lightningforum.com/forum/threads/hey-is-that-a-23-yeah-they-both-are.16832/#post-386571
  11. Got My First Thumbs Down

    One of the great things I love about the Lightning. I blend in. I'm not out to make a fashion statement or advertise I'm "green" (don't believe in that anyway!)
  12. FordPass and web dashboard with different info

    oops@ and I knew that but just forgot.... they say the first thing to go is your memory...sigh:( THEY NEED TO CHANGE THIS ON THE WEB.... it's a simple html change. just type LVB charge level!
  13. FordPass and web dashboard with different info

    Just checked Ford Pass and realized my Lariat was at 66% and 191 miles. the dashboard on ford.com shows the same estimated rang, 191 miles, but says the charge level is 89%. As I never charge over 85% ford.com dashboard has the charge level wrong. never noticed a discrepancy before but...
  14. Update: F-150 Lightning Fast Charging Tesla Adapters Start Shipping TODAY Per Ford!

    hmm, I'm 1568 and haven't heard a thing. We all assumed that the order number indicated the order in which the reservation was made, but what if it has to do with your truck vin or shipment date? who knows? it's another mystery along with when/why Sync updates
  15. Tesla adapter ETA?

    I don't plan on much long distance travel but once I get the adaptor Tesla chargers will be my priority, others only if I have to but looking at any of my possible destinations, Tesla will be it.
  16. Ford EV sales are up, with Lightning sales up 91%! (May 2024 numbers)

    actually numbers may not lie but they can create false impressions. the 1Q and even May increase in Lightnings is a good example. What happened last year? Ford issued a stop sale on Feb 4 because of the battery fire. Stop sale lasted until March 30th.
  17. Bloomberg article: EV sales are still booming for most automakers....

    nice to see a positive article on EV's, but none of the so called "analysts" saw the slowdown in Q1