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  1. Kansas FCSP For Sale

    I have a used FCSP for Sale $300 & you pay for shipping. It's in perfect working order. Everything that came with charger is included. OBO
  2. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Camping Christmas!
  3. Washington Post Article on Tesla Self Driving.

    Is you can gain access to the article on the WP website it's an interesting read on Tesla FSD technology & the decision to remove the radar from the system at one point. Whether you're a Tesla fan or not its worth a read. It repeats some issues of Youtube reviews & test drives I've seen...
  4. Pro Trailer Backup Assist Calibration Problem.

    I finally got around to setting up a trailer for backup assist using the stickers. I was careful to place the sticker within the 4" - 19" range specified & followed all the directions to the letter. I've also tried with 3 different sticker placements. I'm able to see the sticker clearly in the...
  5. Good Video on Munro Live, Programming & Computing

    This is, I thought, a very good video on computing, architecture & programming in automotive. It has a lot of implications of changes to come in vehicles.
  6. F-150 Lightning wins InsideEV's 2022 Best Pickup Truck and Best EV Trophies