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  1. Powering critical loads with my Lightning > lightning

    This is great to hear, I used the 30 amp outlet to supply power to my rv at times and have the house wired, just in case. I wish we could use the Pro Power without having to have to truck powered on...
  2. Part II of the adventure begins

    Adventure Part II, first report: So we've taken our first two trips with our new 8,600 lb Keystone Passport GT. There was a lot of learning done but I'll just touch on those items I think are relevant to this audience. Trip 1: Local State Park (Kiser Lake State Park, first pic) small gem...
  3. Part II of the adventure begins

    @johnnyonetime what was your average speed?
  4. Part II of the adventure begins

    @hturnerfamily, thank you for the feedback. This is exactly what our plan is...make use of what's available to do the things we want to do. It helps to know we're not the only ones out taking this risks and pushing the outer limits.
  5. Part II of the adventure begins

    @Adventureboy great minds...that is my hope, especially when we're at the State Parks and any local campsites. It seems that KOA frowns on that at this time, just means they won't get my business.
  6. Part II of the adventure begins

    Ok, Part I of the adventure was to purchase the Lightning spend the first year feeling it out, pros, and cons to get a good understand of how it impacts our travel plans, understanding that there are challenges with the charging infrastructure and others that are unknown. The first year has...
  7. Best route for a trip? NY-TN

    I understand that owners have used ABRP and other route planning tools but in the last 15 months, I've taken three 2k+ mile trips using PlugShare (free and you can define filters) as my initial route planner, then entering my destination in the Ford navigation and comparing the two. While Ford...
  8. When to Charge?

    15 months and 27k miles in, charging to 90% using my FCSP when needed, once maybe twice a week. I only charge (initial) to 100% when I have scheduled trip more than 260 miles and 80% when on the road.
  9. Update: F-150 Lightning Fast Charging Tesla Adapters Start Shipping TODAY Per Ford!

    Just got mine, weird thing is, I never got any notification from Ford that it had shipped or a deliver notification. I happened to look outside my front door and saw a box on the porch. Order Number: FAE:90000623
  10. Ford NACS Adapter Just Shipped

    Well done, sir, well done...the day after and I still clicked on it. UUuugh! :cool:
  11. New Fully Electric Trailer purchased: Pro Light E lounge

    Did you have issues with your SOC being off once you unhooked the trailer? I did a test run with a 7,000 pound travel trailer yesterday. All went well, I got the range I expected (.8 - .9 mi/kw), given the weather (35 degrees and windy) but after disconnecting the trailer my SOC showed 65%...
  12. NACS Adapter Now Available + Ford EV Owners Can Now Charge on Tesla Superchargers in U.S., Canada! 🙌

    I'm with you, I've taken 5, 1,000 mile trips (including charging deserts...Alabama, West Virginia, Louisiana) without it with little to no issues. This will just provide another option.
  13. NACS Adapter Now Available + Ford EV Owners Can Now Charge on Tesla Superchargers in U.S., Canada! 🙌

    WHOA, WHoa, Whoa! I'm conflicted here, I'm happy that they're available but what's with the $230 price? I was under the impression that they be offered for free... No doubt, I'll order mine but I might pause for a minute. Update: I went online to review the process and found that there was no...
  14. Tesla Supercharger network now up to 66 locations with Magic Dock (4/17/24)

    I can say we used the one on Mackinaw City, MI two weeks ago tripping to the UP and it was a god send before crossing the bridge and coming back. Although we did find out later that there is a hotel "Adoba Hotel Naubinway" that has a Tesla Destination charger. Good place to stay, next time.
  15. Ford Confirms: Owners Won't Need Tesla App to Supercharge

    This is my only concern with using the Ford Pass system. I currently pay for a subscription through two providers that provide me a lower rate and its worked well. I'd be more than willing to use the Ford Pass system IF I could get my subscription prices, other wise...
  16. Ford Dealer Charging Stations

    My Dealer in Vandalia, OH said his understanding is that DCFC at Dealerships should be installed by June and both them and another area Dealership will be installing them and accessible to anyone. I've also used a 75 Kwh free charger at at Chevrolet Dealership in Aurora, OH. The only...
  17. Tesla wants to charge reservation holders an extra $120k for early delivery of the Cyber Truck.

    So, we always talk about dealerships making up new vehicle models based on market demand, and for the record I agree with those arguments, but what's the difference here? Is it different because it's the manufacture doing it or because it's Tesla...
  18. Priority Update: 23-PU1103-NAT-VCE (re-release of 6.2.0)

    I hadn't received any updates since July, took my truck to the dealership. They had to get a Ford Engineer involved to get the updates going again. Not a hardware issue, something about a corrupt file from Ford. They had to figure out the why, fix it and download it again. Might be worth...
  19. Power-Up OTA 6.2.0 - Small Adjustments

    Well, into week three of the dealership having my truck and while there was apparently mention of my update back in July failing due to low voltage of the 12 volt battery, they've moved on to what I consider a full refresh of the APIM (whatever that is) then updating additional modules in order...
  20. Power-Up OTA 6.2.0 - Small Adjustments

    So, here we are at day six of the dealership having my truck. The only response I've gotten from them, other than me calling and them saying nothing from Ford yet, was an alert yesterday in the app showing there was a software update that needed action at the vehicle. That alert was cleared...