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  1. Fender Flares installed

    Did you have to do any trimming by the charge port?
  2. 2" inch Readylift Level with 20 inch Method Wheels (+18) wrapped in 295 60 20 Recon Grapplers

    I got the same setup and I live in Florida. My average is about 1.7 mi/KWh
  3. Raptor Style Fender Flares - any interest?

    I did but got reponse. Looks like they are not interested. Just sent them another email.
  4. Raptor Style Fender Flares - any interest?

    I would love to get fender flares as well.
  5. 23OH Recall: My baby had a bad battery module replaced, took photos, it was dramatically traumatic!

    I was affected too wit this recall. Ford called me one day telling me a battery module needed to be changed. I did not have any symptoms either before the repair. I have an early 2022 build.
  6. 2023 Star White Lightning Lariat Build -- Leveled, Nittos, Vorrsteiner VR601s, Tint

    I have also been waiting on fender flares, specially raptor style to have the flushed with the tires. I am putting some pictures of my setup for you guys it is also leveled 2".