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  1. Adapter charge successful at a V3 not listed?

    Has anyone with Ford adapter charged successfully at a V3 not listed?
  2. Running board coming unglued?

    My passenger side has come unglued and the dealer says they replace the running and note just the rubber piece. I think they should be replacing both sides since they will look mismatched, has anyone had to replace a running board? Also the other side is unglued at the exact same spot but not...
  3. 22MY SR Lariat 180 mile trip looking good!

    Today I drove from Moreno Valley CA to San Diego CA which is 90 miles one way. I charged to 100 for only the 5th time since having the Lightning, I charged overnight at 5kw rate which would have me at 100 SOC at my departure time of 9am. The lightning really takes a long time to get to 100, it...
  4. Snow chains info for lightning??

    What are the best snow chains choices for the lightning, should they be installed on the front or rear tires, Are cables better than chains? I have never used chains so any info will help.
  5. Lightning has a hum, does yours??

    This is when on and in park or drive and is separate from the pedestrian noise. All AC stuff is off. It used to be totally quiet, I have heard it stop once in like 3 months now. What could this be? Is your lightning totally quiet?
  6. Video Recap: Petersen Automotive Museum INAUGURAL ELECTRIFIED CARS & COFFEE

    Petersen Automotive Museum INAUGURAL ELECTRIFIED CARS & COFFEE
  7. Anyone getting the California Express lanes EV discounts

    Anyone getting the California Express lanes EV discount or any others in CA? I called the 91 lanes when I took delivery last year and thought I was getting a discount, I called them today and they say my VIN is not listed as a EV, I have to call the DMV to get them to change it. I am waiting on...
  8. Front camera not popping up when close to objects??

    I have a Lariat SR tow tech and max tow. I watched a video on YouTube with a Lightning testing his front sensor to see how close he can get to a pole. His front camera popped up on the screen to show how close you are, mine doesn't do this. Is there a setting or do I even have this feature?
  9. Charging DC fast vs home 48amp??

    I have a 48amp home charger but have only used it 2 times to charge up over night for a drive to San Diego and the other time to Laguna Beach. Each time charging to 95% so I would not have to worry about charging on the trip. Since those two times I've been DC fast charging at Electrify America...
  10. Launching the Lightning (for maximum acceleration) - can it cause damage?

    I see videos of people launching the lightning brake pedal down, accelerater down break pedal up to launch. My question is can this damage the lightning in anyway?
  11. On board Navigation really that Bad??

    I've seen many videos of the onboard navigation in use and they all seem to have bad experiences. Has anyone had a good experience with it? There has to be a setting for a preference for more highway or City streets and such. This guy had a very bad experience. There has to be someone with a...
  12. What to look for on delivery day - checklist?

    I wanted to start a list of things to look for when you finally pick up your Lightning. That day will be very exciting after a long wait to get your truck, in that excitement you might over look something that needs to be corrected by the dealer before you accept the truck. Any ideas?
  13. Lariat avaible at dealer Lake Elsinore Ford California

    Lake Elsinore Ford California has a Demo black Lariat SR ready for test drive. Also a smoked quarts Lariot ER for sale available now. Salesman didn't know what markup it would be and he is getting back to me. He says there General sales manager ordered it for himself and is not a demo so it's...
  14. Finally I see and test drive a lighting.. California..

    My dealer has a pro lifted 2" on front with some big tires. The test drive was just as I expected after watching a million YouTube videos, my only surprise was actually feeling that roller coaster sensation in you gut. I got to see a managers lack Lariot also and it looks awesome, the rims are...
  15. New tax credit to be voted on soon!

    Call your senator to push for a new tax credit. Call 202-318-1883 to get connected to your senator.
  16. BlueCruise is recording you?

    I was reading the manual and found that blue cruise records you if there is a accident, I guess this is to protect them while you are using blue cruise. It says that is the only time blue cruise records you.
  17. Lightning Delivery- "error codes"

    Dealers are getting error codes prolonging deliveries. This guy in reddit is back in the shop waiting for a solution. Error codes
  18. Test drive Lightning in GTA-5 game play.so break out your kids Playstation 5

    Test drive Lightning in GTA-5 game play. So break out your kids Playstation 5
  19. Battery warranty explained?

    So battery warranty is 10 years, if I charge up to 100 percent every day and it wears out the battery before the 10 years will that void warranty? I'm sure there is a log for Ford to see your charging habits. What would constitute the battery being worn out? I mean what does the warranty cover?
  20. #200,000 reservation holder will order???

    Has there been any info on when the last reservation holder will have a chance to order ? I'm just trying to get some kind of timeline for ordering. Any educated guess ??