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Search results

  1. Trailer light check working?

    I used it this morning before taking the boat out and worked perfectly fine.
  2. Charge Station Pro Overheating and restarting issues

    Still could be wiring. May want to have your electrician double check everything it torqued correctly.Both under and over torqued connections can cause overheating. If all to spec then I push back on Ford to get a replacement.
  3. Charge Station Pro Overheating and restarting issues

    Did they run copper or aluminum? #3 needs to be copper or will have issues. If want aluminum need to go bigger.
  4. 1st time using ProPower to power house during power outage

    Curious about this also. Would like to do an interlock over transfer switch but was worried about bonded issue with just an interlock.
  5. OEM Mudflap Design update (maybe?). No more drilling required

    There are two sets of instructions for Lightning splash guard. You were probably looking at the non-molded ones that require drilling previous. Ford has not made any changes to the molded design one.
  6. Decided to jump on the latest deals and got myself a Lightning.

    Congrats, just traded our 2018 Expedition for a Rapid Red Metallic Lariat yesterday.