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Search results

  1. Overheated bed camera

    I saw a similar issue on the ford 14th gen forums as well. If the bed camera (the one next to the reverse lights on top of the rear glass). If you park your truck facing the sun and it’s hot, the display on the truck shows a blue screen or rainbow lines. If it’s cooled down again it works. I’m...
  2. Software Priority Update: 23-PU1024-6CH-AUD - Refined Audio

    Hmm I never had any background noise issues. I hope it resolves random CarPlay no audio though.
  3. California Ford Charge Station Pro Central Valley/Bay Area $550 No Ship

    Badly lit picture haha. BNIB Local pickup. I'm local to Modesto but often visit the Bay Area/Stockton.
  4. Sunroof interior shield/concertina blinds

    What a heck of a name. Anyone else have these pop out? I rarely slide the black shade back to see the sunroof but when I do the sides immediately pop out. I shove them back in and they stay there for the rest of the trip/day. However, after a couple weeks then I try again they pop out again. in...
  5. Ford Power-Up 4.2.3 Video Streaming

    I don't notice the carplay changes. Anyone know what it's about?
  6. This is Ruining Electric Cars [Auto Focus Youtube]

    honestly, how the hell am i supposed to recommend a non tesla EV vehicle to any of the older generation people? I tried to charge three times outside personally, EA charger stalls selective dont work, a non exist EA charger location obtained from the ford nav unit (my fault i guess??) and...