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  1. Frunk System Failure error?

    So, today I had my frunk open for 10 minutes or so. Went to close it and the button was unresponsive. I jumped into the cab and the frunk open/close button there was also responsive. At first. Then it gave me 3 or for beeps and flashed the message on the dash cluster screen that said "Frunk...
  2. Winter is Coming... Any news on heated steering wheel retrofit module?

    Any news about the module retrofit for the heated steering wheel?
  3. Alternative solutions to the folding lockable storage?

    So for many of us who ordered the Lariat ER in August and September, we are not getting the partitioned folding lockable storage under the rear seat. Ford screwed us on this. It was to be included in the Lariat ER 511A equipment package. There was no separate option for it with the Lariat ER...